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Thread: New Magic Items

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    New Magic Items

    I'm about to start a campaign in Brechtur, here are some magic items
    I've put together. Some of them are not powerful just cool, some of
    them are way powerful. Let me know what you think of them.



    This is one of two saphire earrings. One set in gold, the other in
    Silver. The objects are clearly of Brecht origin as they are usable
    only by members of the Guilder subclass. Wearing a Listener permits the
    wearer to understand fully all languages spoken directly at the wearer.
    Messages broadcast to a group, or overheard are not translated.

    There are only two of these(one silver one gold), and they are presumed
    to have originally been owned by the same person. Their value would be
    in carrying them to a trade talk, each side wearing one, and thus being
    able to conduct trades even though no common language existed.


    Some prankster mage tried to copy the Listeners, but instead developed a
    similar device which can only translate overheard conversations.
    Although it translates correctly, there is a 10% chance that the intent
    of the conversation will be misunderstood(sometimes with dramatic


    Rapier +1, acts as a ring of swimming and water breathing. Seablade can
    be freely used under water with no penalties.

    Land's Protector:

    A silver skullcap wearable only by a blooded mage. If anyone else wears
    it, the begin having terrible headaches and will pass out in 2-5 hours.

    Land's Protector raises the wearer's Bloodline Strength by 10 points as
    long as it is worn.

    If the wearer undergoes the ceremony of vassalage to a Landed Regent
    promising at least 1RP, the mage gains additional abilities.

    +5 chance for creating Ley Lines within the Liege Lord's domain.

    When a mage is in a province of his Liege Lord in which he has a source
    holding, that holding acts as if it were 2 greater than it really is.
    This bonus is for all purposes(RP, Realm Magic). Thus it is in the
    Mage's best interest to be in his Liege Lord's Domain for each Domain
    Turn so he can gain the additional 2 RP from that province.

    Wearer gains the ability to cast Mass Destruction in defense of his
    Liege Lord's Provinces. That is it can only be cast within a province
    of his Liege Lord. Note: a Source(3) is all that will be required since
    that source acts as a 5 for the wearer of Land's Protector.

    Ela's Charm: This golden amulet bears an inlaid onyx dagger on it as
    it's only distinguishing mark.

    The Charm looks and appears nonmagical to all but a priest of
    Ela(Eloele). Detect Magic comes up negative except as stated above.

    When carried or worn by a Pries of Ela, the amulet functions as a ring
    of protection +1.

    If the wearer has temple holdings dedicated to Ela, they raise money as
    if their holdings level were one higher than they actually are(up to the
    province limit).

    Mudenbladde: The Mudenbladde(Sword of Muden) acts as a +1 cutlass for
    all but the rightful ruler of Muden. In the hands of the rightful ruler
    of Muden, it is +3. Muenig armies(and navies) led by the leader of
    Muden bearing the Mudenbladde never fail their morale checks.

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    Tripp Elliott

    New Magic Items

    Colleen Simpson wrote:
    > I liked your suggestions, especially the simplicity of their workings. The only ones I had any problems with were the "Lord's Protector" and "Ela's Charm". I was wondering what, if any, negative effects occur if the wearer of the "Lord's Protector" was to break an oath of vasselage or if they were to work against their lord, even secretly and how, beyond bringing exceptionally good luck in the form of generous donations, patrons or successful ventures "Ela's Charm" manages to increase the inco

    Well, for Land's Protector(Not Lord's Protector, although there's
    another idea for an item) I suppose that if you even secretly work
    against your Liege(DM's Call) that you would certainly lose the second
    half of the abilities, as well as probably those additional 5 BS
    Points. Might even be a penalty in the Blood Department, but I hadn't
    gotten that far. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll start thinking about
    it for if one of my players decides to abuse it.

    As for Ela's Charm, any attempt to work contrary to Ela's highest good
    is going to eliminate the benefits. Ela's Charm is not so much magical
    as a symbol of divine favor, and as such that favor can be withdrawn at
    the drop of a hat.


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