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>I am using this idea in my campaign already, and I think it's turning out
>well. I have a separate group of elves, known as Dark Elves (culture is
>a cross between Gazetteer's Shadow Elves, and Warhammer's Dark Elves) that
>were driven deep underground rather than stand and die before the human
>hordes as they gradually forced the ancient forests back. Led by Wizard or
>Witch-Kings and fanatically supported by ruthless Shamans (modified from
>the PO:S&P book) they have had over 2 millenia to recover their numbers
>and grow strong. Now, they are rising again to exact their vengeance upon

>If I have time, I might post the MM-style write up on them. Rules for
>PCs, I have on notes, but not on computer, yet.

The only real problem with having "Dark Elves" is the time frame. For a new
species of animal to evolve it normally takes hundreds of thousands of
years. Now for a creature that is immortal, it should take hundreds of
millions of years. Now this could be different if that first group of Elves
who went underground did something to alter themselves. Prehaps like the
legendary Mastiens(sp?) they tampered with something they should not have,
and became spawns of Anti-Creation. This would also give them an unnatural
boost to thier hatered of surface dwellers. Of course the situation above
could be handled in a hundered different ways: they discovered a lost
artifact of a dead civilization, the blast at Deismaar messed them up, evil
spirits(for those Shamen)corrupted thier bodies, etc. I just think they
should be givin a circumstance that really "creates" them as Dark Elves.
Thats my 2GBs.


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