frederic lavallee wrote:
>With the elven way of thinking, i think that the shaman subclass is the
>for elven priests. Think of it, elves are supposed to been born of the 4

>and they possess a special link to the nature. So, the shaman, who is
much more
>attuned to the nature and spirits (forest, rocks, air, ancestors...), is
in my
>humble opinion the solution to the elven priest crisis.

I am using this idea in my campaign already, and I think it's turning out
well. I have a separate group of elves, known as Dark Elves (culture is
a cross between Gazetteer's Shadow Elves, and Warhammer's Dark Elves) that
were driven deep underground rather than stand and die before the human
hordes as they gradually forced the ancient forests back. Led by Wizard or
Witch-Kings and fanatically supported by ruthless Shamans (modified from
the PO:S&P book) they have had over 2 millenia to recover their numbers
and grow strong. Now, they are rising again to exact their vengeance upon

And yup, I now have a new elf race for PCs to select from (should any of
the current group die off... ;> ). The shaman thing is WONDERFUL, and
the direct ties to elf, animal and elemental spirits gives them the shadowy
edge and flavor that I think will really spark the interest and maybe fear
of the PCs. And giving the players a good game is what it's all about,
isn't it?

If I have time, I might post the MM-style write up on them. Rules for
PCs, I have on notes, but not on computer, yet.

- -Dustin Evermore