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I have written some material about the Vampires Hold and I would like to
have some ideas. And then there is some things that aren't finished yet,
like the stats for the Werewolf. So could someone please fill them in?
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To My Dear Friend,
Teodor Profiev,
Paladin of Haelyn,

It was a long time we last saw each other. I can=92t forget the moment in
Pasiphiel when you tried to take my life. I see that you have become
more reasonable now a days and that you don=92t try to hunt down creature=
beyond your reach, as you tried before.
I got to say that you gave me a new view on my life. It didn=92t change
much but it was a experience. How pity your daughter died this year. I
heard it from a friend of mine. I really liked her. I could have given
her something, but no. You didn=92t like my idea. Are you sure it was suc=
a good idea to try to challenge me just to get your daughter back? I
would say no. But done is done and we got to look forward.
I hope that our ways will not be crossed again, since I=92m not on the
mood to kill you. At least not right now.

Your Friend,
Lord V.

The werewolf

"I still remember the night when I faced him in person. I was guarding
the weapon store when I heard a terrible cry. When I ran out from the
house I saw wolves run out from the gate and into the wilderness. After
them I saw him, the Werewolf. He was dragging my dear corporal with him.
I froze. Could not do anything. Just starring. The Werewolf looked at
me, but did nothing. He just continued to drag my corporal into the
It was the first, and hopefully last, time I saw this terrible

- -Unknown Soldier

The Werewolf was first seen for twelve years ago in Ruapacht. It all
started with that villages was burned down and everything plundered. The
Vampire send some men to investigate the matter, but the thing was fast
silenced. Witnesses got good offices or killed and soon none talked
about the matter anymore.
Then there was rumors that the Vampire had wolves in his castle and some
said they had seen a large man from a window.
The fact was impossible to run from: the Vampire had bought the

What is the Werewolf?
The Werewolf is a tall man that has the power to turn himself into a
wolf or man-wolf. The first time he was seen in the Vampires hold, but
after that he has only been roaring around the Realms neighbors and been
working as a sabotage unit.
He has a pack of wolves with him constantly. These wolves are fallen
enemies if the Werewolf who has turned into wolf-ghouls.

The Powers
The Werewolf has a number of powers which make him to a very powerful
The first, and maybe most dangerous one, is the one of invulnerability.
He can only be killed with silver, holy weapons, fire or the natural
weapon of other awnsheghlien.
He gets back 1 HP every combat turn.
If he has killed a foe, he can make him into a wolf-ghoul. All he need
to do is to touch him. Then the body awakes and becomes the Werewolf=92s
servant. But the body will not immediately turn into a wolf. It takes
three days and the undead can=92t do anything except traveling the first
The Werewolf also get some special powers under a full moon. The first
is that he regenerate 2 HT per turn under full moon and the second is
that his THAC0 is lowered by 3.
He is also able to cast spells as a ranger.

Activity Cycle: Night
Diet: Humanoid Meat
Alignment: CE
Size: M (human)/L (wolf-man)/L (wolf)
Armor Class:
Hit Points:
Saves As: Warrior 9
THAC0: 12 (9 under full moon)
No. Of Attacks:
Special Attacks:
Special Defenses:
Blood: Azrai 26
Blood Abilities:
XP Value:

Date Event
About 10 HC to 40 HC Roele unifies Anuire, dominates Brecht=FCr and Rjuri=

491 HC Britter Kalt slays the Sinister and becomes the Vampire.
503 HC Rhourmarch attacks the Vampire=92s Hold. The Vampire get one of
Rhourmarch=92s generals (Georg von Staffel)on his side and defeat the
attackers at Vicissitude Mountains.
524 HC Henricht von Staffel, son of Georg, is born. Mother dies.
973 HC Death of Michael Roele, end of Empire
About 975 HC - 1100 HC Civil wars rack Anuire, shattering Empire.
Brecht=FCr regains its independence. Anuireans retreat from Rjurik and
1304 HC Rise of Karl Bissel in Massenmarch
1320 HC Gorgon's armies conquer Kiergard
1509 HC The Werewolf is first seen.
1510 HC The Vampire hire the Werewolf.
1516 HC The Vampire kidnap Teodor Profiev=92s daughter and try to marry
her. She is rescued by her father.
1524 HC Current date

Important NPC
The Vampire MAW/F10/AZ49/CE
General Karl Haasen MBR/F4/BR6//LE
General Henricht Von Staffel MV/F7/LE
General Josef Bellshauf von Ruapacht MBR/F3/AZ4/LE
Gustaf Kremler MAW/P11/AZ9/CE
Karyana Darnov FBR/P5/AZ6/CE
Champion Roe Sa=92ae FBR/F5/BR16/CG
Champion Josef Bladesmith MBR/F10/AN21/LG
The Werewolf MAW/R9/AZ26/CE

New Units
Burning Archers
This is a special unit only available in the Vampire=92s Hold. They are
normal archers with only one difference: They have arrows made by