Jeremy Reaban wrote:

> I don't know. I think that if a Humanoid is blooded, it's most likely that
> he has the blood of Azrai. Not just a 30% chance.
> So, I'd come up with something like:
> d100 Derivation
> ---------------------------
> 01-05 Anduiras
> 06-10 Reynir
> 11-15 Brenna
> 16-20 Basaia
> 21-25 Masela
> 26-30 Vorynn
> 31-00 Azrai
> Original
> Humanoid
> d100 Derivation
> 01-09 Anduiras
> 10-22 Reynir
> 23-31 Brenna
> 32-40 Basaia
> 41-49 Masela
> 50-58 Vorynn
> 59-00 Azrai

One, I think that there is a typo in the version I sent, the chart should look
like the one above, with Azrai Bloodline humanoids having a 42% chance
of getting a Azrai Bloodline. While yes, Humanoids would be signifigantly
more likely to have Azrai's Bloodline, my chart does make them 4 times
more likely than the base "generic" chart given in the rule books. Good
gods bloodlines are going to outnumber Azrai's bloodlines by this simple
logic, there are six of them, hence 6 times the number of blooded people.
I also feel that making other bloodlines so rare in humanoids makes it too
easy to sterotype humanoids (dispite a tendancy for characters in all the
printed BR products to have a bloodline related to their class) into thier
role in other worlds. Clearly with kingdoms like Thurazor which have
basicly friendly terms with Dhoesone, a human neighbor, humanoids in
BR are not just stock cardboard cut out villians, give the poor guys a break.

Also in my campaign, I allow PCs to choose thier Bloodline derivation, and
I use those charts for NPCs only so that I can help break myself of making
mages with Vorynn's bloodline and other similar sterotypes.


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