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    Greetings and a Question From a

    At 01:59 AM 9/12/97 -0500, Craig Greeson(

    >I will limit myself to one question for my initial post. What
    >BR products (if any) are planned after Tribes of the Heartless
    >Wastes in Dec.? A nasty rumor I've heard is that the line will
    >not be supported much longer
    >- can someone please tell me this isn't the case?

    While that was a fear just months before GenCon, it no longer is. The powers
    that be have said BR will be produced through '98. But they will be watching
    the sales on BR products to see how they do. TSR will be relaunching the
    line sometime next year with the release of a BR hardback. This hardback is
    going to be designed to attract more players. As many feel the initial
    description of BR, "a Wargame with Role-Playing aspects", scared people
    away. Most likely what happened with your Players. The book will focus on
    role-playing in cerilia with the Domain mechanics moved to a series of
    appendixes(sp?) in the back of the book. If interest and sales stay constant
    we should easily see products beyond the year 2000(as they have items
    planned at least that far in advance for BR). All I can say is do your part,
    purchase any and all products that say BR on them, and be sure to tell
    everyone you meet how great the setting is. As players in this fine setting
    we need to draw more folks into this world, and show them what they have
    been missing. You should also send a snail-mail letter to WotC letting them
    know you love this setting and want it to be continued. Just be sure to be
    polite. The address is:

    Wizards of the Coast
    PO Box 707
    Renton, WA

    Be sure to write "ATTN: Peter D. Adkison", on the outside of the envelope.

    Also make sure any BR fans you know who are not on the Internet get this
    address(and name)so they can write in and get some attention.

    Lastly, do not panic, and do not start tolling the death bell for BR. That
    is the worst thing you can do. All that does is scare others away from
    trying the setting. Be positive, and let all gamers you meet know how much
    you like this world. BTW, other upcoming products include "the Book of
    Priestcraft", "Hogunmark", and several novels. All of which should be out
    before the end of the year, or early next year.


    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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    Greetings and a Question From a

    Welcome to the list! Sadly, their is nothing OFFICIALLY planned for spring(I
    believe the book of priestcraft comes before it.) Birthright is in danger of
    cancellation, that is true. Right now we're all trying to convince TSR/WotC
    not to cancel it, though I have to remind everybody that in american industry
    the most powerful vote is that of the green ballot(i.e. money) and that the
    most effective thing we can do is to buy BR products and encourage others to
    do so. If you're a player in multiple game worlds, then I reccomend buying
    less Forgotten Realms and more Birthright.

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