Hello to the members of the Birthright list. I am a long-time player and DM (15 years) who has read and
enjoyed the Birthright products and novels since their introduction. I love both the concept of the
Birthright game and the land of Cerilia, but have only recently convinced my group that controlling a domain
is going to be as exciting as adventuring. There have been a few posts in the last several days referencing
the Gorgon's Alliance CRPG, and I must admit it is this product that has finally converted them to the

I will limit myself to one question for my initial post. What BR products (if any) are planned after Tribes
of the Heartless Wastes in Dec.? A nasty rumor I've heard is that the line will not be supported much longer
- - can someone please tell me this isn't the case?

Thanks for your help