The book you refer to is probably the 'Naval Battle Rules' box set. It =
includes a map of Cerilia and a sea battle map as well as the rules bookl=
et that includes a listing of cerilian navies. Some of the domain bookle=
ts (Player's Secrets of ...) do include the composition of navies (Ariyah=
) and some do not (Medoere, Roesone). Cities of the Sun includes the nav=
ies of Ariyah, Mesire, Djafra, Khourane, Isle of the Serpents (not includ=
ed in the navies section of Naval Battle Rules) and Siriere. It does not=
include the composition of the navies (listed in the Naval Battle Rules =
book) of Zikala, Min Dhousai, Ghamoura, Mairada and Merasaf. Hope that =
answers your question.