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Thread: Box set

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    Espen A. Johnsen

    Box set

    The Naval box only has the material witch came from the Cities of the
    Sun box but everything is in a thin "book". Rather practical actualy!


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    Ken & Mary

    Box set

    What is included in the naval box set supplement?

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    Colleen Simpson

    Box set

    Naval Battle rules: the seas of cerilia - book containing rules pertainin=
    g to movement and war at sea, descriptions of the ships of cerilia and =
    a listing of the ships and their no. in various cerilian navies (inside =
    cover shows the maritime areas of cerilia. Poster map of cerilia. Ship =
    cards for battle. Battle map for naval warfare. All contained in the =
    naval box set.

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    > What is included in the naval box set supplement?
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