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    I like all of them for different reasons. Sword and Crown is great
    for good aligned elves or humans to introduce them to the intrigue of
    Cerilia and the dangers of the Manslayer. Sword of Roele is great if you
    are considering a new emperor on the throne and the Warlock of the
    Stonecrowns is a good old fashioned dungeon crawl and monster bash. I have
    use all three with great results.

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    At 09:08 AM 9/10/97 -0400, Noah Robert Zerbe(
    >What changes did you make to the Sword and the Crown. I am getting ready
    >to run it, and would be interested in seeing what you did.

    Unfortunatly most of the changes I did were to customize the adventure to my
    Players(a good habit to use with *all* published material), so they would be
    of little use to you. Not to mention I would have to transcribe all my
    handwritten stuff into the PC, and I just can't spare the time...sorry. :(
    Still I have a couple of suggestions that you may want to consider: First,
    you should keep the "kidnapping" of the princess "off-camera". That is don't
    have the PCs involved with that actual encounter. That will keep you from
    having to come up with crazy escape plans, or having to fudge dice rolls.
    Both of which can upset resourceful Players. Secondly, drop and/or rewrite
    any refferences to Drow from the adventure. I'm sure I don't have to explain
    that one. I wish I could help more, but all I can do is make this additional
    suggestion. Read this adventure several times, and tailor it to your PCs.
    Also keep in mind you don't have to use every bit of the module, and you may
    want to space out the various stages of the adventure filling in the gaps
    between with other minor(or major)storylines. Hope that helps.


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    Brenda L Santer


    >On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Sepsis wrote:
    >> All of them are pretty good, but you should definately pick up "Legends of
    >> the Hero Kings" and "King of the Giantdowns." Although the "Sword and the
    >> Crown" can be real good if you do a little rewriting.
    >What changes did you make to the Sword and the Crown. I am getting ready
    >to run it, and would be interested in seeing what you did.

    I have run Sword and Crown in two separate campaigns. In the first case, I
    ran it pretty much as is. I have subsequently held the Sword and Crown
    meetings twice in this campaign and the players really like it.

    In the second campaign, I decided to split it up a bit.All PCs are regents
    of their own countries, spread out from Tuornen, Dhoesone, Brosengae,
    Osoerde, Baruk-Azhik, a guild chain based in Caelcorwynn, and Coullabhie. I
    used the Sword and Crown meetings independently. I have not used Rhuobhe's
    Tower yet as I want to lay the groundwork for it a bit and get the PCs to a
    bit higher level.
    I used the section with the elven ruins, the dwarven ruins, the mines, and
    the underground orog city as an independent adventure. Finally I used the
    Aubrae Avan kidnapping independently at the second Sword and Crown I ran
    for this particular campaingn, but with a different co-plotter than
    Rhuobhe, since I it didn;t seem likely to me in my campaign that Aubrae
    would ge in to Rhuobhe's Tower to plan it with him. In this campaign I have
    also been linking a lot of smaller adventures using the ideas of sielshegh
    gems and some ancient prophecies. I won't bore you with the details but
    you can ask me privately if you are interested.

    As a final twist, in the second campaign, don't forget I mentioned that one
    domain being used for a PC is Dhoesone. That means that the PC ruler is
    the half-sister of Fhileraene of Tuarhievel, but regarding the module Sword
    and Crown, that also means that she is the great-granddaughter of Rhuobhe
    Manslayer and also that she is the half sister of Spiritrender, the demon
    who is Rhuibhe's son. That makes for some interesting twists for the

    Brenda Santer:

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