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    Piracy Rules for Birthright

    Here are some rules I designed for Piracy in Birthright. They have
    been designed to determine the success of PC's who wish to sponsor
    or go on raids themselves. Below is a new unit of troops and a domain
    action to determine the success of a pirate. These rules are only for
    when attacking merchant trading vessels, not for warships.

    The success of any raiding or piracy depend on several things. I have
    to take all of these into consideration when I designed these rules.

    * The type of ship.
    * The captains experience.
    * Any marines or troops on boards.
    * The experience of the crew.
    * The ships weapons.
    * The type of ships to be attacked.

    If a pirate with an inexperienced crew in a longship attempts to take on
    Galleon then he is unlikely to succeed. But an experience pirate with a
    good crew and a galleon is virtually unstoppable as he plunders the soft
    bellied trading vessels that ply the waters around Cerilia.

    The Domain action below is used to determine the success of a pirate
    is sent out by a kingdom. You can also send raiders, which do not
    require a
    domain action, but only generate 1d4-2 GB. If a negative value is
    then the ship has taken damage and its value has been reduced by 1 GB. A
    kingdom can only have 2 vessels raiding at anyone time, otherwise the
    activity will be noticed by other kingdoms.

    A: The Ships

    I have divided the ships of Cerilia into several class that reflect
    size and pirating potential.

    Class A: Fishing Boats

    These vessels are too small to engage in raiding.

    * Coaster
    * Dhow
    * Keelboat

    Class B: Raiders

    These vessels make the best raiders, or pirate vessels as they are fast
    able to carry marines and cargo at the same time.

    * Caravel
    * Drakkar
    * Knarr
    * Longship

    Class C: Traders

    These vessels are too slow or otherwise unsuitable for pirates, they do
    make good target however.

    * Cog
    * Dhoura
    * Roundship

    Class D: Warships

    The best pirate vessels as they are fairly fast and can carry large
    of troops and cargo. Every pirate or raider dreams of being rich enough
    by one of these vessels. They also make good warships for kingdom to buy
    hunt down pirates.

    * Galleon
    * Zebec

    B: The Crew (New Unit)

    The success of a pirate is also determined by his crew. Most pirates
    have a skilled crew of black-hearted sea dogs, and this is often more
    important than the type of ship being used. Apart from the crew some
    can also carry marines, or other troops to defend the vessel from attack
    and participate in boarding actions. The skill of both the crew and the
    marines can effect the chance of success in piracy. I have taken this
    consideration when working out the success chance below.
    I have also included a new unit, pirates. These nasty characters can
    be mustered by a pirate captain, and must be done in a seaport. I have
    included two sets of stats, one for pirates at sea and one for when they
    are forced to fight on land.
    This unit cost 4 GB to muster, and has a maintenance of 1 GB + 50% of
    plunder taken.

    Pirate Unit (At Sea)
    Move: As ship Melee: 6
    Defence: 2 Missile: 3

    Morale: X O (add 5 counter to ships
    boarding value)
    1 HIT: Melee: 4, Missile: 1
    2 HITS: Melee: 2, Missile: 0

    Pirate Unit (On land)
    Move: 2 Melee: 4
    Defence: 2 Missile: 3
    Morale: B
    1 HIT: Melee 2, Missile: 1

    There are of course plenty of other Marine units in various lands, but
    one may be mustered in Anuire. This unit also can not be mustered by
    kingdom rulers, although they can support privateers who, although they
    work for a government are still pirates. They are not that reliable
    and a pirate might pretend to work for a kingdom just so he can get a
    Ship and Crew. Then he might leave to go back to his former life as a

    A captain is also important to a pirate ships success. The pirate have a
    better chance of success if they have an experienced captain. Experience
    based on the number of successful raids or attacks the captain has made.
    Below is a list of the number of attacks or raids a captain must make to
    listed under that category.

    Inexperienced: Has never made a successful attack
    Standard: Has successfully made 1 attack.
    Skilled: Has successfully pirated 5 or more vessels, and made 1 raid on
    coastal province.
    Experienced: Pirated 15 or more vessels and raided 3 cities.
    Legendary: Has carried out a raid of such daring that other pirates
    talk about it. An example of a legendary raid is attacking a ship in the
    harbour of the Imperial City, or taking on a fleet of warships, and

    C: Piracy Domain Action


    Success: 10+
    Type: Domain
    Base Cost: Need ship and crew first.

    The success number can not be altered by regency points, it can however
    modified by the following things. You can only attack one ship type each
    time you use this action. These rules can also be used to see if a
    vessel can successfully raid a province.

    Modifiers to Success:

    Inexperienced Crew: -2
    Inexperienced Captain: -1
    Skilled Captain: +1
    Experienced Captain: +2
    Legendary Captain: +3
    Pirate Unit on Board: +2
    Marines on Board: +1
    No troops on Board: -2
    Heavy weapons: +1
    Raider is Damaged: -1
    Attacking class A ships with raider: +2
    Attacking class C ships with raider: +1
    Attacking class D ships with raider: -2
    Attacking class A ships with warship: +4
    Attacking class B ships with warship: +3
    Attacking class C ships with warship: +2
    Raiding level 1-3 province: +1
    Raiding level 4-6 province: -1
    Raiding level 7+ province: -3
    Troop in province: -1 / Unit

    If the roll has been successful then the pirate vessel has made it back
    port safely and has taken plunder. If the roll fails then the value list
    the amount of damage taken by the ship. The damage is listed in GB's so
    Caravel can take 6 GB of damage before it is sunk. Damage can be
    by paying GB's equal to the damage.
    The money taken also represent a total for that month. This is also
    by the size of the vessel doing the raiding.

    Class B ship:

    Attacking Class A vessels: 1d2-1 GB
    Attacking Class B vessels: 1d3-1 GB
    Attacking Class C vessels: 1d4+1 GB
    Attacking Class D vessels: 1d6+2 GB
    Raiding provinces (1-3): 1d2 GB
    Raiding provinces (4-6): 1d4 GB
    Raiding provinces (7+): 1d8 GB

    Class D ship:

    Attacking Class A vessels: 1d3-1 GB
    Attacking Class B vessels: 1d4-1 GB
    Attacking Class C vessels: 1d8 GB
    Attacking Class D vessels: 1d10+3 GB
    Raiding provinces (1-3): 1d3 GB
    Raiding provinces (4-6): 1d6 GB
    Raiding provinces (7+): 1d10 GB

    D: Famous Pirates

    Kiel the Bold
    (MBr; F7; Unblooded)

    Kiel is known as the most bloodthirsty of all the pirates that sail the
    Straits of Aerele. In his few short years as a pirate he has committed
    of cruelty so vile that he has even sickened his fellow pirates. Most
    merchants live in fear of seeing his banner, and would willingly hand
    their cargo to avoid being put to the sword by Kiel and his crew. He has
    recently left the straights for targets further east after kingdom such
    Brosengae and Avanil started sending out more and more vessels to find
    His current base of operation is unknown.
    Kiel is also known as Kiel the smelly by those who have been in his
    presence. He is renowned for never washing, despite the fact that he
    and lives at sea. This has given him a fearsome appearance as a dark
    skinned warrior with a horrible stench ad long blood spattered hair. He
    carries a large cutlass that he uses as his primary weapon and a small
    crossbow with poisoned bolts.
    His crew is a collection of some of the worst Anuire has to offer,
    murderers and deserters from the navies of various kingdoms. The crew is
    said to have a massive horde of treasure hidden on one of the islands
    the coast of southern Anuire, perhaps amounting to more than a million
    His ship is a black hulled galleon, known as the Black Dog, and his
    a pair of crossed, bloody swords. The ship is equipped with several
    catapults and ballista and has a crew thought to number around three
    hundred. Although he has only been a pirate for a few years he has yet
    lose a ship and is thought to be a master of boarding tactics. However
    of his prey surrender before any battles take place.
    He gained his reputation after he attacked and captured a Galleon from
    Avanil fleet. On boards were several Avanil noble who he ransomed back
    Prince Avan and their families, who he sold into slavery or killed. A
    reward of fifty thousand gold is currently placed on his head, dead or
    alive, but preferably washed.

    Captain Quartez
    (MA; F10/T2; Br, minor, 17)

    Known as the gentleman's pirate, Quartez is one of the older pirates to
    have sailed the straights. He has recently retired and thought to have
    bought a noble title with his plunder. It is likely that he has changed
    name so who he now is is unknown.
    Captain Quartez was known as the best dressed pirate in all of Cerilia
    he used to spend much of his money on his clothes. He also used to wear
    silver mask to hide his identity when ever he went into battle, so who
    really is or was is not known. Quartez always fought with a magical
    cutlass that was said to regenerate any damage taken in battle. He also
    wore a suit of Elven chain mail, although it is unlikely that he was an
    elf, unless his mask also changed his physical appearance. Despite all
    he was still a pirate, and a very good one.
    He sailed a galleon, known as the Silver Dolphin, lightly armoured and
    crewed to increase its speed. He relied more on magic to win battles
    brute force and always had at least two mages and magicians on board at
    one time. Quartez himself was not a mage however, but he did make good
    of the skills of his crew. His magicians were especially adept at hiding
    his ship until it was close to a target, then it was too late for the
    vessel to escape.
    He won the respect of the other pirates when his ship raided the
    City itself, attacking at night and using magic to hide his vessel
    it was inside the harbour. Once there he raided two heavy galleons that
    just been loaded with cargo. It is said that he made off with cargo
    over twelve thousand gold, thought to be the largest horde ever taken by
    pirate vessel. There are few stories of any hordes of treasure kept by
    Quartez however, as he is thought to have spent all his plunder over the
    years maintaining his image, and finally buying himself a title in one
    the southern kingdoms of Anuire.

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    Dustin Evermore


    Paul Lefebvre wrote:
    > Does anyone have the supplement for Birthright for ships and naval
    >combat?? I have Cities of the Sun (the Khinasi box) and it contains
    >scores for Cerilian ships and naval units and naval combat. I don't
    >think it has these stats for all the nations of Cerilia....does the
    >Naval supplement contain more, or would I basically be getting the same
    >Paul L.

    I bought it because it's a concise book (not a part of the Khinasi stuff)
    and has listed all the sea power in Anuire (alphabetically). Most
    importantly, I wanted more ship cards and counters!

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