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    Yet Another Humanoid Magic Item

    Collars of Obedience

    There are said to be 6 of these black metal collars in existence. The evil
    Humanoid power that made them has been long forgotten, but many of these
    collars are still in active use today. The Collars of Obedience consist of 2
    parts, one is the actual collar itself and the other is a corresponding
    bracer. Each set, of collar and bracer, bears a unique raised pattern carved
    all over its outer surface. This allows anyone to easily pair up the various
    sets. When the collar is not in use it can be opened easily by anyone, using
    a small catch in the front that allows the collar to swing open on a small
    hinge located at the back of the collar. Once in place around the neck of an
    intelligent creature, and "activated" the collar can only be romoved by the
    being wearing the corresponding bracer. *Note:* Both collars and bracers
    will only fit on Humanoid creatures ranging between 4 feet to 7 feet tall.

    An "activated" collar gives the wearer of the bracer almost absolute control
    over the collared being. The wearer of the bracer may Command(as per the
    spell of the same name)the collared creature at will. The collared being
    need only be able to hear and understand the bracer wearer for this to work.
    The collared being gets no Saving Throw, and the Command lasts until the
    bracer wearer removes it. The collar can also be used to block all magical
    abilities. This includes any Spell-casting, Blood Abilties, Psionics, and/or
    natural magic-like abilities. To do this the bracer wearer need only will
    it, and like the Command it will remain in effect until the bracer wearer
    lifts the restriction. But unlike the Command the Collared being does not
    have to be able to hear or understand the bracer wearer. The effective range
    for this ability is unlimited. It should also be noted that a collared being
    can be under the influence of as many Commands(including the Magic block)as
    the bracer wearer wishes to impose.

    The collars can also be used to torture those who wear them. The bracer
    wearer need only will the torture to start, and the collar wearer will begin
    to twist in pain. There are 4 levels of torture that can be used. The collar
    wearer takes 1d4 points of damage per round for each level of torture that
    is used(ie. 1d4 for level 1, 2d4 for level 2, 3d4 for level 3, etc.). While
    being tortured, the collar wearer makes all rolls and checks with a -1 per
    point of damage(or -5% per point of damage, if applicable)penalty. Once the
    collar wearer reaches 0 HPs they stop taking damage, and the bracer wearer
    must wait for them to recover at least 1 HP before being able to use the
    torture ability again. *Note:* This torture function dosen't leave any
    physical marks on the collar wearer. Also, as with the Magic block, this
    ability has an unlimited range and dosen't require the collar wearer to be
    able to hear or understand the bracer wearer.

    Lastly the collar has one other ability, if it is used on a Blooded
    individual and the bracer wearer is also Blooded, the bracer wearer can add
    the total BS score of the collared being to his own, without effecting the
    derivation of thier own BL. This function can be used in conjunction with
    any of the other abilities of the collar. Including the Magic block, and as
    with the block this BL link has an unlimited range.

    Once "activated" all attempts to open the collar(both magical and
    mundane)will fail. If someone uses physical force to try and break the
    collar it Saves as Hard Metal getting a +5 to its roll. If the collar fails
    its save it explodes with violent force causing 10d10 points of damage to
    all within 10 feet(no Save). Everything within the next 10 feet takes half
    damage. If anyone is wearing the collar they take double damage(10d10x2).

    Also a being may only wear 1 collar or bracer at a time. Any beyond the
    first just do not function. *Note:* Using a Collar of Obedience on another
    creature is considered an evil act.


    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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    Yet Another Humanoid Magic Item

    At 05:33 PM 9/8/97 -0700, (
    >Those collars of obedience are incredibly powerful!

    Yes they are. In fact they are in the same power catagory as the Staff of
    the Magi, Cube of Force, Rod of Command, etc., and like those items PCs
    should only very rarely ever own one. And only if it won't disrupt your
    game. Like many items of this power level, the Collars of Obedience are more
    of an NPC tool used to create and drive the main storyline. For instance,
    the PCs must resuce someone held hostage by a Humanoid tribe only to find he
    has been "collared", or prehaps one of the PCs find themselves in one of
    these collars, and must find a way out. In short if you are running an all
    Good aligned campaign these items can be great story motivators. Only with
    evil PCs floating around could you run the risk of unbalancing your game.

    Still if you find your PCs in possession of one of these there are a few
    things to keep in mind. These are powerful items with a history, you better
    believe that others will hear of it and come to claim it for themselves.
    Others may be outraged by it and seek it out just to destroy it. Also others
    may attempt to steal away any added bonus by slaying the captive. Or prehaps
    friends of who ever has been "collared" will come to free him. Bottom line
    is the master of the collar should be kept constantly looking over his shoulder.

    Lastly, remember the limitations of the Command spell(one word only). Even
    being able to layer Command upon Command they are most likely going to miss
    something. And the captive will make use of any loop-hole he can find. With
    the death of the bracer wearer the collar becomes "deactivated." Hope that
    helps put it in perspective.


    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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