Anuirean Journal - Issue 29 (Winter/573 MR)

A Vaumel Publishing Production.
Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
12 Coin Street, Market District, Anuire City.

Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
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Keltier - Pasiphiel 573 MR


(5/10) - Alamie launches offensive against Tuornen force in Deseirain.
(4/11) - Endier joins in Alamie/Tuornen war. Invades Maesford province.
(2/12) - Endier armies crushed in Alaroine battle. Alamie uses Orog
(31/12) - The war between Ariya and Zikala continues.

North West Anuire:
Includes: Boeruine, Tuornen, Alamie, Talinie, and Rhuobhe's Domain.

(4/10 - Boeruine)
At a party to celebrate his 51st birthday Arien Borthein, head of the
Boeruine Trading Guild announced several changes to his guild structure.
>From this day forth the guild will be known as the Boeruine People's
Part of the speech given by the guildmaster is shown below.

"I, Arien Borthein, Guildmaster of the guilds; the Boeruine
Trading Guild and the Five Peaks Providers, am celebrating my
51st birthday today. i have have invited all that are dear to
me.....everyone of Boeruine. for the past twenty-three years, i
have tried to do my best to provide for you and make our great
land of Boeruine the most peaceful, beautiful, and enlightened
country and peoples of all Anuire and Cerilia. today, i came
another step closer to that dream. as of today, i am proud to
say that any citizen of Boeruine, whether he be a merchant or a
shoeshine, now has access to our school for the public. anyone
in any province may just contact me or the school, and they will
be taught, for free, no charge or tuition. they may learn of
practical issues, better ways of farming, lumbering, and
building. they may also learn finer skills, such as literacy,
geography, and business skills."
"I am proud to say that not only do the people of Boeruine have
free access to education, but also access to inexpensive quality
medical needs. as of yesterday, i signed a form that put into
motion a public hospital system for both Boeruine, but also those
in need in the Five Peaks. in Boeruine, i have also just enacted
a realm-wide postal service, providing speedy, safe, and
inexpensive shipping and messenger services to anywhere else in
Boeruine. i hope to soon enable this postal service into all of
the Western Coast, so the good peoples may freely distribute
goods and information anywhere on the coast. i announce that i
am freeing all border taxes that are imposed by me on goods
crossing into, out of, and through Boeruine, so that our economy
may prosper like few others."
"I have come to realize one thing in my long years of being the
guildmaster of Boeruine, and that is i care for all of the
peoples of Boeruine and those of fair heart in the Five Peaks, as
well. so i proudly announce the renaming of the Boeruine Trading
Guild after those that i care of most. my guild is now named
"the Boeruine People's Guild" i hope that all of you out there
can appreciate these efforts to better our Great Land."

Archduke Boeruine, who was present at the banquet praised the guilder on
his recent works and called him a true hero of Boeruine. So popular in
Boeruine is the guild that one of the Archduke's children ever works as
agent of Arien Borthein.

(5/10 - Alamie)
The Alamie army has launched a counter offensive against the Tuornen
encamped in Deseirain province. After a long battle lasting much of the
Alamie emerged victorious, although at a cost. Both sides lost over half
their forces, nearly two thousand men in all. Many prisoners have also
taken by Alamie, which has further depleted the Tuornen army.

(18/10 - Alamie)
The retreating Tuornen force have joined new troops waiting inside the
Tuornen and have invaded Alamie further to the north. The large army
the border into Sorelies province quickly over running the fortress
The small Alamie army left to protect the province has been overwhelmed
has fled south.

(2/11 - Alamie)
The wizard Caine of Endier has cast a mighty spell on the Alamie
of Deseirain trapping the main Alamie army inside the province with
walls of fog that have warded the province against entry. The loss of
main army does not seem to have halted the Alamie counter attack though
their northern army attacked and reclaimed Sorelies province from the
Tuornen army that had invaded only a couple of weeks earlier. At least
another thousand soldiers died in this battle. The Sorelies castle has
badly damaged and is unlikely to be usable without major repairs as
have been burnt to the ground during the fighting.

(2/11 - Boeruine)
There are rumours of a new religious war breaking out in Boeruine
the large Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn and the much smaller Hidden
Temple of Cuiraecen. Recent sermons by the priest of Haelyn have talked
about the evil of worshipping other gods and called on the Archduke to
remove the foreign temple from his kingdom. Aeric Boeruine is however a
support of neither temple and is likely not to take a stand on religious
issues leaving it up to the churches and the temple to decide who is
worshipped where.

(4/11 - Alamie)
The kingdom of Endier has suddenly declared war on Alamie and sent a
number of troops into the province of Maesford. The small Alamie army
has fled with the Endier forces in close pursuit. More news will be
reported as it comes to hand.

(6/11 - Alamie)
Endier has now pushed all the way north to Traiward province and is
marching on the capital in Alaroine. The few Alamie forces that remain
now setting up defence outside the city of Alaroine to protect the duke
his family. The Endier army still outnumbers the Endier forces by 3 to 1
though and a quick victory is likely. The Endier army has slowed its
advance to secure the route back to Endier should a retreat be needed.
have left some units behind in Maesford province while the rest move

(2/12 - Alamie) News has just reached us of the defeat of the Endier
in the Alamie province of Alaroine. It seems that Duke Alam was keeping
large force of mercenary troops in Soutmoor province and unleashed them
the invaders as they were preparing to crush the small Alamie force
awaiting them. Backed by large numbers of spellcasters and with the
forces using captured Tours as human shields the Endier troops were
overwhelmed and it was only through the assistance of Caine that any
survived at all. News from the battle field has been confusing with talk
Orog Lizard Riders present at the battle, although the chances of them
being anywhere west of Dhalsiel is unlikely.

(14/12 - Alamie) The surviving Endier troops have now been driven south
into Traiward. It is believed that they are preparing to retreat further
southwards into Maesford and maybe even into Endier itself. The Alamie
from Alaroine is in pursuit. Much of the news we have been receiving
the war has been a little confusing as the fighting has prevented many
our reporters getting into Alamie.

(23/12 - Boeruine)
Archduke Boeruine has announced today that he will be commissioning a
unit of the Boeruine army. This unit, to be known as the Boeruine
will scour the forests of Redoubt and Nietier for any sign of the Elves
Rhuobhe Manslayer. This will help warn the people of these provinces of
coming raid and hopefully warn the rest of the army in time to drive off
Rhuobhe's raiders before too much damage is done. Although it has been
years since either Rhuobhe of any of his agent have been seen the recent
rumours of a large force of Elves waiting in the rugged mountain
ready to attack Boeruine or one of the other kingdoms is too much of a
threat to ignore.

South West Anuire:
Includes: Avanil, City of Anuire, Taeghas, Brosengae, and Mieres.

(9/10 - Brosengae)
Duchess Eriene Mierelen has announced that both the Day of Rebirth and
birthday (Roelir 1st) have been declared official holidays. No-one is
permitted to work these days and the government will sponsor a festival
the duchess's birthday for the people. The Temple of Fortune has also
announced that on the day of Rebirth they will hold a nation-wide
of eating, drinking and prayer to celebrate the new year. The temple has
already begun plans for this coming festival and for what they have done
far it looks like a spectacular event is being planned.

(12/10 - Anuire)
The College of Sorcery has appointed the owner of this paper, Stephanie
Vaumel, as the new head of the Order of the Silver Flame the 3rd largest
division of the College. This happen after the previous head, Dierdren
Alam, resigned and returned home to assist the current war with Tuornen.

(24/11 - Brosengae)
The Royal Brosen guild has recently expanded into Tuornen, taking over
of the merchant houses and farms once owned by Cariele. A spokesman for
guild released this statement.

"Cariele has aided Alamie in the latest conflicts against Tuornen
and as such forfeited all holdings belonging to her on Tuornen
soil. I am the rightful guilder and will assume control of the
merchants of Tuornen."

This move was most unexpected as there has been no sign of any support
Cariele toward Alamie. It is possible however that the Brosengae Guild
simply using the war as an excuse to remove their competition. It is not
known what Cariele is likely to do about this action, but it is not
to sit by and see its holdings taken over by another guild.

(27/11 - Avanil)
Prince Darien Avan made a statement recently about activities regents
across Anuire. Here are some parts of his speech.

"And following the recent expansion of the Impregnable Heart of
Haelyn, we were distress to note that this young temple has begun
moving against our allies the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie. The
Governor of Mieres, Arron Vaumel, did not attempt to stop the
slandering of the temple of Sarimie. We find this most
disturbing, and intend on making an inspection of the Mieres
colony as soon as possible to see if perhaps the Governor needs
"I see no need for any action in the war at this point although
we will not stand for any actions taken against our allies, such
as the Celestial Jewel or the guild of my good friend Parnien. I
have no wish to see the soldiers of Avanil dying for a cause not
their own, but should it become necessary I will intervene in the
current conflict in Tuornen."
"The influence of the evil Boeruine family in Alamie has tainted
the actions of Duke Alam. It is likely that he has been getting
assistance from Boeruine, otherwise how has he managed to
successfully fight off the armies of both Tuornen and the Western
Imperial Temple of Haelyn. It is a well know fact that the WIT is
one of the largest temples in all of Anuire and with the combined
might of both them and Tuornen they should have been able to
crush Alamie. Alamie must be getting aid from somewhere and I
suspect Aeric Boeruine. Is is well known that the Boeruine's
consort with Goblins and other lowly sorts and the presence of
Goblin troops in the Alamie armies support this conclusion."
"I don't see Avanil getting involved in any conflict in the east,
our interest are towards the west and north at the moment. Let
the smaller nations fight among them selves. Avanil will remain
as it is strong and steady. All of this fighting and wars would
be over if I was Emperor, so much of this is the fault of that
fool Caliedhe Dosiere. If he were to put his support behind me as
the people of Anuire have all this fighting for an empty throne
would be over. Hopefully his son will be a bit more reasonable, I
only hope he hurries up and dies so I will live long enough to
see a prince of Avanil on the Iron Throne."

(15/12 - Mieres)
The Governor of Mieres has announced the construction of a new fortress
Seaward province. It is to be build on the cliff over looking the new
palace that is being built just outside the city of Seaward. According
to a
spokesman the castle will be one of the largest in all of southern
and provide the province of Seaward, and indeed all of Mieres with
protection against pirate raiders and other invaders. One of the
of the new castle will be the addition of catapults and other engines of
war that will be able to attack any vessel coming into the harbour,
being very hard to hit themselves. This will provide Seaward city with
protection from pirates for years to come.

Southern Anuire:
Includes: Diemed, Medoere, Roesone, Ilien, Aerenwe, and the Spiderfell.

(9/10 - Aerenwe)
The new temple of Nesirie on Ynis Craven has been dedicated to the now
head of the Peaceful Seas of Nesirie, Daffyd Tamaere.

(23/11 - Aerenwe)
The Eastern Temple of Nesirie has begun construction on a series of
orphanages to house those who are less fortunate in Aerenwe. The priest
have said that everyone deserves a chance and these orphanages will mean
that the underprivileged will be able to grow up with all the benefits
being one of the chosen of Nesirie.

There has been little happening across southern Anuire for the past
month. Perhaps all the kings, guilders and priests are staying indoors
avoid the winter weather that has been lashing the southern coast for
several weeks now. Whatever the reason it has lead many to think that
something may be occurring, and the deceptive calm is hiding preparation
for war or something similar.

Central Anuire:
Includes: Endier, Ghoere, Mhoried, Elinie, and the Gorgon's Realms.

(4/10 - Kiergard)
As we reported last month it seems that a new rebellion has begun in the
kingdom of Kiergard. The rebel forces have won several decisive battles
against the Gorgon's troops and may even be close to taking one of the
larger province. There has also been talk of the Gorgon himself on the
to Kiergard to take charge of the situation. It must be noted however
any information from Kiergard is unreliable at best.

(7/11 - Mhoried)
Michael Mhoried has recently announced the beginning of work on two new
castles in the provinces of Maesilar, and Byrnnor. According to the Mhor
the new temples are their to ensure Mhoried security. Baron Tael of
however has called the placement of a new castle in Maesilar a
claiming that is is a sign that Mhoried does not trust it southern
neighbour. He also said that it would be better if Mhoried was to build
castles in areas like Balteruine and Dhalsiel as there they could be put
use protecting all of Anuire rather than being wasted in Maesilar where
they would never be needed.

(14/11 - Endier)
Following the recent invasion of Alamie by Endier the ruler of Ghoere,
Vaesil Tael, has visited the Free City to speak at the new Endier
University. Here is part of his speech.

"If any realm should dare to move against my friends in Endier
they would face the might of Ghoere as well. With Endier
controlling the only land route to the Imperial city that is
available to your traders it is important to all of Ghoere, and
other realms to the north too if they would take notice of what
is happening instead of building castles where they are not
needed. So to this end Ghoere promises to aid Endier with up to
two thousand troops should any foolish invader think of moving
into the city."

(23/12 - Kiergard)
Word from the occupied kingdom of Kiergard is that the rebellion is now
spreading across much of the land. It is said that the Gorgon is
his most feared troops from the Rhormarch Campaign, the Orog Lizard
to do battle with the rebels. It has also been reported that his Elite
Guard have left for Kiergard as well. Despite this build up of troops
rebel are still winning some battles, so it may be possible that they
getting assistance too. It is hard to imagine who would want to annoy
Gorgon by aiding his enemies though.

(30/12 - Mhoried)
We have just received word of a possible end to the Alamie/Tuornen
conflict. It seems that Michael Mhoried has been speaking to both sides
is trying to encourage them to end the fighting. Hopefully things will
out well and the war that began when Alamie launched its surprise attack
Tuornen will come to an end.

Northern Anuire:
Includes: The Five Peaks, Thurazor, Cariele, Dhoesone, Tuarhievel, and
Rjurik Lands.

(4/10 - Five Peaks)
Travellers in the Five Peaks supplied us with copies of a note that they
found nailed to trees throughout that realm. Travellers to the Five
are of course warned to avoid it at all costs. Also while there is was
noticed that a road is being constructed. This new road may be designed
move warriors form the various tribes around more quickly to raid

"By the order of the Eyeless One, no trade, no worship, and no
troops will pass through the Five Peaks save by my will"

The kingdom of Hogunmark has begun construction on a roads between the
cities of Aaldvika and Veikanger. This new road, although mainly
to help trade will allow much faster movement from one side of Hogunmark
the other. Travellers will be advised when the new road is completed,
although a toll may be expected to be paid by agents of the Queen of

(2/11 - Svinik)
Queen Freila of Hogunmark is not the only one to be interesting the
of their kingdom. It seems that the king of Svinik has also taken an
interest in the activities of guilds in his kingdom also, as the
decree notes.

"I, King Hruthvar, in order to protect my lands and people
from those that are not from this place. Decree the following:
There shall be no Guilds held in any province that does not
belong to the King or the Jarl of that province. The Exceptions
to this rule are Bjarnhiem and Leivika. These lands are open to
other Guilds, but only to a level one holding per company. Each
Company will pay a tax of 1 Gb for each level they control in our
lands. Also, no-one other than the King or the Jarl that rules
that province may hold Law in that province."
Remember foolish Vjalli.

May Aeric watch over me
King Hruthvar

(19/11 - Thurazor)
The Goblin king of Thurazor has contacted our agents and sent this

"Relax Dwarven rulers. We have run out of dwarfs. Their families can be
proud of them, they really put up a rather stunning performance.
Unfortunately, they died too soon."

(26/12 - Various)
Here is a copy of a message posted throughout many of the northern lands
over recent weeks.

To the peoples of Rjurik, our Father Erik has spoken to me. We
are looked at by the South as a poor and backwards land, yet I
know we are strong and proud. I wish to bring more to this
wonderful area, so I have decided to begin building a place of
learning in the kingdom of Svinik. The Oak College of Erik, will
bring education and prosperity north. I ask that the rulers of
the North assist me in this project. I know Eric will bless us.

High Priest Gunther Brandt
Oaken Grove of Erik

Eastern Anuire:
Includes: Osoerde, Coeranys, Iron Hills, Sielwode, and Baruk-Azhik.

(14/10 - Osoerde)
The Osoerde and Ghoere navies based in the Osoerde province of Gulfport
have been put under the command of a new admiral, a member of the Church
Storm's Height. The new admiral has already begun training the crews of
new ships off the coast of the Aerenwe province of Ynis Craven.

(23/11 - Osoerde)
The head of the Church of Storm's Height recently released this

"People of the free country Osoerde, you are faithful as ever.
You, yes you, are the driving forces of society in serving the
fair Duke Moergen and attending my Church. I am grateful for your
faith in this country and it's build-up. Let it be know that thy
own trust was given a direct effect in a co-operation of the
State of Moergen and the Church of Storm's Height. From this date
on, the CSH will be recognized as the official state religion of
the booming country Osoerde. Let it be known that this is your
work, merely carried out by thy leaders. As a result of this a
small fee is asked of you for the smithing of a memorial of this
memorable event. I will personally oversee the making of a small
stature which will signify this pact, a statue forced upon the
community by thy willing and and generous givings. It will
signify the bonds between the heavens of Cuiraecen and the
earthly power of nobility of Osoerde. May this bondage be a
fruitful and good one for ever and ever!!"

(2/12 - Iron Hills)
The mercenary Cowan the Sword, wanted for a large number offences has
recently been seen in the Iron Hills port city of Mhowe. He did not stay
long and left on a fast caravel. Shortly afterwards it was reported that
large amount of money had gone missing from one of the Royal treasuries
Mhowe. The King has now announced an increase in the reward for Cowan
Sword to 10,000 gold dead or alive and has added vandalism or Royal
Property to his ever growing list of crimes after several wanted posters
where found torn down in the docks region.

(15/12 - Iron Hills)
King Finn has announced that he is embarking on a trip with Lord Nekral
Ardare to hunt down and bring to justice the despicable criminal Cowan
Sword. During his absence the kingdom will be under the control of his
faithful administrator Saebra Holtien. She will be in charge of all
of the Iron Hills until his return.

Includes: Rhormarch, Coullabhie, The Burrows, Ariya, Binsada, The
Aftane, Sendoure, The Tarvan Waste, Zikala, and Mesire.

(2/10 - Zikala)
It seems that the Zikalan forces have been forced to withdraw from Ariya
after underestimating the Ariyan armies in the provinces that they
The retreating force have withdrawn to the Zikalan province of Alhazir
meet up with their main armies and ready for a counter offensive against
their lands. In the meantime the siege in Turin continue.

(7/10 - Rhormarch)
The head of the Frodrik Foresstannen guild in Rhormarch has announced
to celebrate the opening of their new Merchant Palace now guild dues
be required to be collected. Frederick Buchassen has also called on the
merchants of the guild to instead send the money that they would
pay to him to the poor to help make all of Rhormarch great. At the same
time Guilder Buchassen has been overseeing the expansion of his guilds
the Vampire's Hold.

(13/10 - Zikala)
Word has just reached us that Ariya has lifted the siege of the Zikalan
city of Turin. The Ariyan forces backed by marines from their ships off
coast have headed east towards the province of el-Faril. The Zikalan
of Avani has gathered together what troops it could, and shipped in
additional forces from their holdings in Binsada. These force have now
of in pursuit of the enemy troops.

(19/10 - Aftane)
The Aftane government has recently announced that it is seeking new
recruits for its small army. A spokesman for the government had this to
when our reporter questioned him.

"The recent instability in the southern region of Khinasi had led
to us having to increase our armies to protect ourselves from
surprise attacks like when Ariya attacked Zikala. We do not wish
ourselves to go down the same path as Zikala and be invaded by an
evil land hungry nation such as Ariya. Thus we have commissioned
another one thousands troops to add to our already formidable
armies and we will setting up a watch on our borders to make sure
no one is trying a sneak invasion. Unlike some of our neighbours
we are not looking for war, but if invaded we will strike back
with deadly force."

(24/10 - Zikala)
Several battles have taken place throughout Zikala with Ariya first
the province of el-Faril, then losing it again and finally taking the
province of Khoused. There are also reports of fighting further north
our agent in the city of Zikala has yet to report on what has been
occurring in that region.

(1/11 - Rhormarch)
A recent speech was given by King Alaric about the upcoming wedding of
son and Selma Oden, daughter of the late Prince Oden. Here is part of

"Hear ye, hear ye:
as a final seal upon the chapter that divided our dear nation so
long, the feud between the House Oden and the House Behrenburgh
von Rohkiel, there will be a wedding of grand proportions. Let it
be known far and wide that crown prince Siegfried Behrenburgh von
Rohkiel and princess Selma Oden will be wed. This fair happening
will take place when the new palace is ready to use, finished and
all. The specifics upon this grant feast, that will be a feast
for the populace of Rhormarch, will be revealed later this year.
Let us now strive together to finish the palace so that the two
youngsters will not have to wait much longer."

(9/11 - Zikala)
In a ceremony in the deserts of Alhazir province the Grand Vizier has
his uncle Prince Jayim his official lieutenant and assistant. The prince
has summoned large number of desert ogres out of their hiding places in
Tarvanian Hills to join the Zikalan army. At least seventy of the
creatures have now set up camp with the Zikalan army. It has been
in Zikala that Prince Jayim has some sort of magical hold over these
creatures as they are not normally known for joining human armies.

(14/11 - Rhormarch)
The royal guild of Rhormarch, the Royal Free Masons, have announced that
they will now be running caravans to Mhowe twice a week to carry
Rhormarch's goods to the great seaport. Another caravan will now be
towards Sendoure. The small guild has announced that within Rhormarch
have the protection of the armies of the crown and promise protection
bandits. Some merchants have already signed on to the new caravan hoping
avoid the bandits that have plagued some areas of Rhormarch in since the
Gorgon's forces were defeated in the great war.

(29/11 - Zikala)
The main Ariyan army has been crushed in a battle that took place in the
sands of Alhazir province. Although the numbers on each side of the
were relatively equal Zikala had two very powerful wizards on their side
and their spells were destroyed many of the enemy soldiers. Ariya also
two wizards but they were unable to counter the spells of the Zikalans
although they also destroyed many of the Zikalan troop the Zikalans
to be effect by some form of spell that made their movements quicker,
the blows more powerful. Also the priests of the Zikalan Temple of Avani
had protected their warriors with the blessings of their goddess.

(14/12 - Binsada)
The Sendoure and Binsada armies have carried out operations in the
Harrowmarsh in the attempt of driving out the Hydra once and for all.
the spells of the Emir of Sendoure many of the bandits inhabiting the
Harrowmarsh have been killed, but the troops were unable to venture
as the swamp made travel difficult. Also present at the fighting was
Devlyn Finn of the Iron Hills. It has been reported that he attempted to
kill the Hydra himself, but was unsuccessful.

(23/12 - Zikala/Ariya)
A powerful storm has blown up from the south and blanketed much of the
southern regions of Zikala and Ariya in heavy rain. The storm has raged
over the kingdom for a week or more before finally subsiding. After the
storm had passed the soldiers in Alhazir noticed that the sands where
battle had recently been fought had been washed clean with no sign that
just a couple of weeks ago a battle where hundreds had lost their live
been fought. Even the corpses of the fallen had vanished.
The storm appears to have revitalized the countryside and left
fresh and new. Some are predicting the best season for crops and food
production in many years. Another consequence of the storm was the
temporary halt in the war. With the Ariyan fleet forced to return home
be sunk, no new troops have been sent from Ariya into Zikala.

(27/12 - The Burrows)
A recent shake up in the guild structure of the Burrows has led to
Innkeeper's Breadfruit North-South guild controlling almost all of the
economy. Some are now worried that the influence of the guilder may
to change the policy of the burrows government. However other a less
concerned saying that the recent works of Jollid Innkeeper in the
construction of roads, bridges and other public works have shown that he
cares for the people of the Burrows and is not just after a large
as are some guilders.

(31/12 - Ariya/Zikala)
Word has arrived in our offices of events in the east.

Traders from the fleets that regularly travel between Ilien and Roesone
have spread the word of continued war in Zikala. Great armies have
clashed with heavy losses among both Ariyans and Zikalans. It is
that the Grand Vizier of Zikala has enlisted the aid of an evil wizard
has unleashed his dark magic upon the Ariyan armies. Even in the most
recent battle, several units of desert ogres were seen aligned with the
Zikalan soldiers. The stalemate in Alhazir continues.
In western Zikala the fighting has been between smaller armies. The
force besieging Turin unexpectedly lifted its siege of that city and
into el-Faril where the holdings of the heretics were put to the torch.
They were joined by naval skirmishers from some of the zebecs anchored
offshore. This latest action must have greatly angered the High
Shandare for she personally led the last of her temples soldiers into
field against the now outnumbered Ariyans.
The battle swept across several provinces before the Ariyans retired to
Only Azada, Ghada, and Khoused remain controlled by the Ariyans,
the Grand Vizier's hold on several of the other provinces is tenuous at
best. Most recently, following the destruction of the heretic influence
their province, the scattered herdsmen in Khoused have forsaken the
el-Zisefs and sworn allegiance to the Prince of Ariya. Although it is
rumoured that the Prince has no desire to rule in Zikala, the people of
Khoused have been granted the protection of Avani's faithful at least
the Grand Vizier has in turn forsaken the heretics that corrupt his
For now, the battle lines are quiet, as a great storm has only recently
ceased its battering of the shores of Kfeira and Alhazir. Many believe
that the storm's sudden coming and departure, followed by the basking
warmth of the sun on the flooded land, is a sure sign that Avani herself
taking an active interest in the war between those who would be her