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> For the journal ....
> Word has arrived in Roesone of events in the east.
> Traders from the fleets that regularly travel between Ilien and Roesone
> have spread the word of continued war in Zikala. Great armies have
> again clashed with heavy losses among both Ariyans and Zikalans. It is
> rumored that the Grand Vizier of Zikala has enlisted the aid of an evil
> wizard who has unleashed his dark magic upon the Ariyan armies. Even
> in the most recent battle, several units of desert ogres were seen
> aligned with the Zikalan soldiers. The stalemate in Alhazir continues.
> In western Zikala the fighting has been between smaller armies. The
> Ariyan force beseiging Turin unexpectedly lifted its siege of that city
> and rode into el-Faril where the holdings of the heretics were put to
> the torch. They were joined by naval skirmishers from some of the
> zebecs anchored offshore. This latest action must have greatly angered
> the High Priestess Shandare for she personally led the last of her
> temples soldiers into the field against the now outnumbered Ariyans.
> The battle swept across several provinces before the Ariyans retired to
> Khoused.
> Only Azada, Ghada, and Khoused remain controlled by the Ariyans,
> although the Grand Vizier's hold on several of the other provinces is
> tenuous at best. Most recently, following the destruction of the
> heretic influence in their province, the scattered herdsmen in Khoused
> have forsaken the el-Zisefs and sworn allegiance to the Prince of
> Ariya. Although it is rumored that the Prince has no desire to rule in
> Zikala, the people of Khoused have been granted the protection of
> Avani's faithful at least until the Grand Vizier has in turn forsaken
> the heretics that corrupt his lands.
> For now, the battle lines are quiet, as a great storm has only recently
> ceased its battering of the shores of Kfeira and Alhazir. Many believe
> that the storm's sudden coming and departure, followed by the basking
> warmth of the sun on the flooded land, is a sure sign that Avani
> herself is taking an active interest in the war between those who would
> be her faithful.
> What is this message pertaining to? Is this for Darkstar's PBeM or another or is it something else entirely?