Gauntlets of the Magi

Amongst the Humanoid tribes of Cerilia these items are more appropriately
called the "Gauntlets of the Ogre Magi." These items are said to have been
forged by the great Ogre Magi champion known as Carceous, the walking death.
He made them for a great Ogre king who is said to have givin him a powerful
Human slave. Stories each give a different name and title to the slave, so
none can ever be sure as to his/her true identity. The Gauntlets are made of
an unknown black metal that always seems cold to the touch. While they
adjust themselves to fit any Humanoid who wears them, Humans and Demi-Humans
are unable to wear them unless they have hands as large as an Ogre's. The
Gauntlets grant the wearer the following abilities(Note: all spell-like
effects use wearers level/HD to determine Duration, Range, etc.):

Constant: Regenerate 1 HP per round(lost members must be reattached to

3/per day: Fly, become Invisable, cause Darkness in a 10-foot radius,
Polymorph into a bipedal Humanoid creature(4 feet to 12 feet tall)

1/per day: Charm Person, Sleep, assume Gaseous Form, and create a Cone of
Cold 60 feet long with a terminal diameter of 20 feet, which inflicts
8-64(8d8) points of damage(Save vs. Spell for half damage)

All of this power comes at a price(although most Humanoids would barely
notice them). Everyday these Gauntlets are worn the wearer must make a
Wisdom(or Willpower if PO:S&P are used)check. Every failed check causes the
wearers Alignment to move toward Lawful Evil, slowly becoming more greedy,
ill-tempered, and nasty. Also the wearer will eventually only be able to eat
meat, prefering Human flesh. Each time one of the limited(1/per day, or
3/per day)abilities is called upon the wearer must make a Save vs.
Paralyzation, or permantly lose 1 point of Wisdom(or Willpower if PO:S&P are
used). Down to a minimum of 1. Lost points can only be regained by using a
Restoration spell(1 point per spell), or through a Wish(1 point per Wish).
The location of these Gauntlets are unknown, but it is rumored that they are
in the possession of an Orog Chieftain. Who is said to be raising an army
beneath the earth awaiting the chance to strike at the surface world.


"War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
the province of life or death;
the road to survival or ruin.
It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
-Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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