Orog Magical Weapons.

Humans and Elves are not the only creatures of Cerilia that have created
own magical items. Orogs and Goblins have also have constructed such
and certainly make use of any they find. Here are a few of the more

Priest's Bane.

This powerful weapon is the property of an Orog chieftain of the Five
known as Gaxbar the Great, Emperor of the Five Peaks and Allied Realms.
is currently one the chief of the most powerful of the scattered tribes
humanoids in the Five Peaks. The sword itself is a Claymore +2 that
the user immunity to hold person and slow spell as well as similar
When one of these spells is cast on the holder the magic is absorbed by
sword which uses the energy to boost the magical rating of the sword to
The sword also shines with a bright red energy that lights up the
surrounding area in a ghastly red glow.
This sword was specially design to combat priests and their use of hold
person spells and the holder gains an additional bonus when fighting a
priest as they are the sword preferred enemy. When used to strike down a
priest the sword also drink the blood of the victim causing an addition
1d10 damage. If used to strike a blooded priest then the sword drains 1
point of the priests bloodline and passes it onto its owner. Thus an
unblooded user could gain a bloodline from use of this weapon. When
used by an unblooded warrior against a blooded priest the warrior gains
tainted bloodline of the derivation of the priest.


This short sword is held by one of the many Orog chieftains of the Blood
Skull Barony. It's powers to speed its users attacks have helped its
rise to the position of chief in the few short years since he found it
the skeletal hands of a dead Elven warrior somewhere in the Giantdowns.
Once the Orog warrior took possession of the sword he found that his
movements had sped up and he was able attack and defend faster than his
companions with their more common swords and axes.
Although the sword only has a +1 bonus to attacks it does allow the
to attack twice each round, or always make the first strike in combat.
On a
roll of 19, or 20 on the first round of combat the sword has got through
the enemies defences before they have got their guard up and does triple
normal damage.


This evil weapon is currently lying at the bottom of a deep pit
beneath the Gorgon's Crown where it was thrown by it last owner. The
sword +3 is highly intelligent (19) and has several magical abilities
11), but is not wise enough to order Orog chiefs around. When it tried
the chief became enraged and tossed the weapon down the clan garbage pit
where it lies to this day. As it can only communicate telepathically
its owner it has no way of contacting another Orog to retrieve it from
pit so it lies there contemplating its mistakes and slowly being buried
beneath an ever increasing pile of garbage.
The sword has the power to summon a fireball once per day with or
the permission of its owner and will often do so at the most
moment (i.e. when the chief is meeting the Gorgon) just to see what
It can also cast shadowform on its owner once a day to help him escape
mess he had been landed in after the ill-timed fireball. Finally it can
detect magic at will, but will not tell its owner of any magic that it
as a threat to itself, mainly other weapons.
Stalkers main purpose is to create as much chaos as possible and it was
attempting to do so when it tried to order the Orog chieftain who was it
then owner to attack a neighbouring tribe. The Chief wife, who was a
of the neighbouring tribe was angered by this an threatened to tell the
chief warrior of his secret treasure horde unless he got rid of the
Faced with the loss of his treasure or his sword the chief decided that
would be a good time to be rid of his wife and used the sword to kill
Unfortunately his in-laws choose that very day to visit and he had to
the death on the evil blade that had enchanted one of his warrior. The
warrior and the sword now lie at the bottom of the pit, forgotten by

Ice Tongue.

This sword +1 is in the hands of another of the Blood Skull Barony's
chieftains. It allow the holder to survive in even the harshest winter
weather and give a +4 bonus to any saving throws vs magical cold based
attacks. This is on of the few weapons actually though to have been
by a Orog sorcerer and has been the ancestral sword of the Split Tree
for over 700 years. Currently it is in the hands of the current Clan

Dwarf Gutter.

This mighty suit of plate armour +1 was once the preferred protection
Axarumaan the Spiky, chief Dwarf killer of the Seamist Orog Clans. The
entire surface of the armour was covered with very sharp spikes and
Axarumaan used them to impale his enemies in combat. Of course he had to
remove the armour before congratulating his companions after a battle as
the armour also had a tendency to kill of his friends, especially those
placed higher than him in the Clans hierarchy.
Axarumaan met his end recently however when one of his fellow Orog
him off one of the higher cliffs in the Seamist's. Both Axarumaan the
and his armour toppled over and have never been seen since.

Dwarf Cleaver.

The large blood spattered battle axe +2 was the preferred weapon of
Anarumaan the Spiky, chief Dwarf Killer of the Seamist Orog Clans. It
lies somewhere at the base of the highest peak with the rest of
Before it's owner met his end it was used to great effect to carve a
through the enemies of the Orog clan. These enemies were usually other
as the Dwarves of the Seamist are all but gone now.

Dragon Tongue.

This dagger +1 is carved from a black rock and enchanted to prevent the
rock breaking of being chipped in battle. The surface of the blade is
carved with mystic runes and glows with a faint silver light whenever in
the hand of an elf. When owned by an Elven warrior it can be made to
cast a
stream of fire from the blade once/day. The fire has the same area of
effect as a lighting bolt as does damage equal to a fireball cast by a
12th level caster to anyone in the streams path.
The dagger is currently owned by a lowly Orog warrior in the Giantdowns.
has only kept it because it doesn't need sharpening and is good for
skinning Deer and other animals.

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