The Magic of the Peaks

Here is a collection of magical items that I designed for a series of
adventures in my Birthright campaign, enjoy.

The Armour of the Peaks.

This ancient set of magical armour was created by a long dead Elven
fighter/wizard who dwelt in the region that is now known as the Seamist
mountains. Unlike most of the other Elves of the region he lived high up
the mountain in a tower he had built to research the wonders of magic.
Among his legacy are a number of items including the armour that he wore
into battle.
This armour is a Elven sized suit of chain mail which has a permanent
flight spell cast on at the moment it was constructed. When the correct
command word is spoken the armour will carry its user aloft. However if
command word is not known this armour acts as a suit of Elven Chain +2.
This armour is currently in the treasury of Farrel Kawn, Baron of
He came across it on a journey to Taeghas but has yet to decipher all of
its powers. The armour is too large for him to wear anyway so it lies
forgotten in his vault, waiting for someone to find it.

The Sword of the Peaks.

The second item crafted by the Elf who has become known as the Cloud
was the Sword of the Peaks. This is a short sword +2 which grants the
the ability to conjure an Air Elemental once each month. The conjured
Elemental will obey the holder of the sword for one full day before
The Sword has an ivory hilt inscribed with carvings of white clouds and
eagles as rest in their mountain eyries. Apart from this it is fairly
unadorned and even the blade look old and pitted. It can be easily
repaired, but its main power is the control it grants the user over
Elemental creatures.
The current location of the Sword is unknown.

The Flute of the Peaks.

The Cloud Mage was also a music lover and he crafted two magical musical
instruments to protect him at the same time as he played them. The first
these is the Flute of the Peaks. It looks like a normal non-magical
flute, except that it radiate summoning magic is examined with a detect
magic spell. No other indication of the flutes powers can be found
and unless used in a particular location in Cerilia is does nothing
special. Apart from having to be in the correct location a particular
has to be played on the flute, otherwise nothing will occur.
What the flute does is summon a Giant Eagle, a species that is only
in the highest mountains of Cerilia, and even there it is rare. The
summoned eagle will serve the holder of the flute as long as is needed.
will act as a mount and can carry the flute holder anywhere in Cerilia
before it tires. It will not fight if it can avoid it and will avoid any
cities or other dangerous areas.
This flute is currently in the hands of the High Priest of Medoere,
Lenviath da Enlien. He has no idea of its powers, but knows that it is
magical. It currently sits in his palace where several scholars of
Rournil's Celestial Spell attempt to unlock its secrets.

The Harp of the Peaks.

The most powerful of the items constructed by the Cloud Mage was the
of the Peaks. It was also his last as he disappears shortly after it was
completed. It was sitting in his workshop in his tower when the
was destroyed by Orog raiders. It is a very powerful magical item though
and may have survived the destruction. If it did it now lies under the
rubble that is the Cloud Mage's tower. It is also possible that the
Mage took it with him when he disappeared. What it looks like is unknown
that was never recorded. The information that is known comes from one of
the Cloud Mage's diaries which was found long ago by explorers in the
Seamist Mountains. They returned the diary to the Royal Collage of
in the Imperial City where the important passages were copied.
The harp grants power over wind and the weather. When the correct notes
played it enables the owner to cast the following spells.

* Control Weather once/day.
* Gust of Wind once/day.
* Feather Fall at will.
* Wall of Fog once/day.
* Wall of Wind once/day.

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