The Crown of Lluabraight

The crown is a companion artifact to the gems of Arborea. With the crown
the gems powers have a much greater range and allows the use of each
primary power more than once a day. The crown by itself is also not
its one abilities and protective magic. To the wearer it grants a +3
to Armour Class and also a similar bonus to saving throws. It also has a
sielshegh gem set into it, which grants as additional 10 bloodline
but only to scions of Brenna.
The crown is a simple gold band that has set in it 12 medium sized
that have been enchanted to control each of the gems of Arborea. As its
centerpiece is the sielshegh, a large gem that rests on the forehead of
wearer. This gem is a recent addition to the crown and not part of its
original artifact. The sielshegh does not add to or hinder its former
powers apart from the addition of the bloodline points.
The crown does not radiate magic is examined with a detect magic spell,
appears nothing more than a piece of jewelry. It is dormant until it
within range of the gems, then it is activated and glows with the same
purple light that the gems put out.
Once it has been in the presence of the gems the user may use its powers
for a week away from them. After this week though the crowns connection
the gems fades and it becomes dormant once more.
In the days when all 12 gems where under the control of the Elves the
enabled the Elven rulers to use the powers of the gems of Arborea even
they were far from their resting place without endangering the gems. Now
has little use apart from its inate powers of protection.
The crown has always been the rightful possession of the Grand Mistress
Lluabraight and the current ruler, Llaeddra wears it as her sysmbol of

by Ian Hoskins

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