Adam Theo wrote:

> Hello, Adam Theo here,
> just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on a email
> supplier.
> i'm sick of juno. i can't send non-text attatchments (which won't
> allow
> me to send GBRLL's) and i can't recieve HTML does anyone know of
> preferably free email service that can do these things? preferably
> not
> internet based, though it doesn't matter too much. while it would be
> great if it was free, i will deal with a small fee. if anyone can
> help a
> fellow BR player out, then thanks a hundered fold.
> BTW, i've again added to my sig
> contact me for a copy of Adam Theo Florida,
> the Great Birthright Links List
> or my "Adam's D&D"
> a Confucious-following Libertarian Social Darwinist

Okay, here are two. You need an internet connection to access both
(unlike Juno). Hotmail is internet based, but geocities is not (it's
POP).Go to:

Paul L.