These are interesting points about profit margins.

Just something I've noticed here in Sydney (Aus), when just last week I went to
visit a couple of hobby stores that I occasionally frequent, is that they are
getting out of selling FRPG's. I'm not sure if it is coincidental or there is a
growing trend away from this style of game. Certainly in the late 80's there was
an abundance of these stores and gradually over the years most have closed down.

Although on the plus side (for me at least), I was able to purchase a number of
BR products at half price...


> The sad truth is that the MAGIC game's days are numbered; sales
> have lessened and WotC has been forced to drop their prices back to the
> original early 90's level. The market and the game itself have become
> saturated. WotC will eventually have to rely on TSR's income(which isn't
> exactly a flowing waterfall though it is considerable) to support itself.
> This does not bode well for birthright because it has a very jumpy
> profit margin. A new product for the line comes out, people buy it, and the
> profit jumps. The multi-month waiting time between new BR products then sets in
> during which
> profits for the line are very monotonous. WotC's slowly approaching collapse
> has made them very cutthroat in their finances and unless Birthright begins to
> bring in the green, I have been told by 3 employees at WotC that it will be
> canceled.