I had never bought a TSR product in my life until Birthright came
out. I've been roleplaying for a decade now, screaming for someone
to integrate roleplaying and strategy. AD&D just never appealed to
me until BR. Now I'm grabbing everything I can get! I now play with
6-8 people--all of which are now buying the PHB, etc. None of them
were previously AD&D players. TSR has struck gold and doesn't realize
it. As for the Sierra game, I got it to run on my old machine (a DX4100)
without trouble. Another one for Sepsis...

"...and there were no new taxes forthcoming
for the public coffers. With the public coffers
empty and the officials in office few, the ruler
was frugal and his ministers humble in their
management of what was a prosperous people. Thus I
say that he held on to his lands, and the whole state
of Chin turned to him."----Sun Tzu "The Art of War"