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    Online Coordinator responds!!!

    Is there a web site where I could get some of Mr. Hoskins's material?

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    Online Coordinator responds!!!

    >Given that Birthright will be getting an overhaul of sorts, will the content
    >determined solely by TSR/WOC staff or would you consider canvassing outside

    90% of the products we make are driven by customer suggestions - you guys
    buy the product, so it pays to listen to you. That's why I laugh at people
    who say "TSR doesn't listen to its customers! It's not producing the
    _I_ want!!" TSR does listen to its customers ... and sometimes it has to
    cater to the majority - if you don't like a particular product, there's a
    good chance that a lot of other people (with differing opinions) _did_
    want something like that.

    Hmm, I _guess_ I answered your question. :)

    >Are you planning to release it as a boxed set as was done with the revised
    >Forgotten Realms?

    Er, I did say we were planning on making it a harcover book?

    >You have slated 98 as the delivery year, will it be early or
    >later in the year?

    I don't know for sure, and Idon't think I'd be allowed to say at this
    time anyway, even if I did know.

    >Lastly, are WOC using this as way to gauge market interest
    >in Birthright?

    All BR sales for the next 18 months or so are being carefully examined
    to determine the survivability of the line.

    Responses to a few other questions & comments:

    C: You're de-emphasiving the domain mechanics - I hope that doesn't
    mean you're taking them out completely!!!
    A: If we were taking them out completely, I would have said so. Those
    domain mechanics are an important part of the BR game, just not
    _the_ important part.

    Q: I don't see anyone playing AD&D without magic, so your analogy is
    A: Try the historical campaign series.

    Q: The black print on the shaded grey background is not as easy to
    read as it was on the brown.
    A: Switching to a 1-color sayout _really_ reduces that cost of printing
    and makes each product that much more profitable. I'll talk to the
    BR folks about making the background lighter for the one-color
    products so the text stands out more.

    Q: [This is an unasked question, but I know many of you are thinking
    it.] Sean, do you like Birthright.
    A: You bet your butt I do. BR is the first campaign setting in a long
    time that I have been interested in using for a game of my own.
    I bought three copies of the box set and gave them to two of my
    friends and my sister because I thought they'd dig it, too.
    I have every BR product in my personal library (employees get a
    free copy of everything we produce), unlike any other TSR gameworld.
    I thikn BR is a great setting with a lot of cool stuff. I want it
    to survive as much as you do.

    Good gaming!
    - --
    Sean Reynolds, TSR Online Coordinator |

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