Here is a description of the gems that I though up a while back. I will
post the desciption of the crown mention soon.

The 12 Gems of Arborea

These gems remains one of the most powerful artifacts in all of Cerilia.
Once the Elves of Lluabraight used the powerful magic to defend their
from any invader. But now some of the gems are missing and their powers
greatly reduced. Many centuries ago three of the most powerful of the 12
gems were stolen and with them went most of the magical powers they
controlled. For the higher magic contained in each of the gems could not
accessed unless all are present in their places in Tower of the Grand
Mistress of Lluabraight. Fortunately the Elves still retain control of
Crown of Lluabraight, a related artifact that allows the wearer control
over the gems.
The gems have been describes a resembling a wizards crystal ball,
they are a deep purple in colour. Apart from each other they look
more than a pretty smooth stone, but when brought within range (1 mile)
another gem they start to glow, softly at first but brighter the closer
gem gets to its companion. The nine gems that remain in the Tower fill
with their magical light, making everything in the throne room the
of a grape.
The gems are surprisingly not the same size. In fact their are three
different size. The first and most powerful size is about 30 cm in
diameter, the second 20 cm, and the third 15 cm. The size reflect their
powers. Unfortunately for the Elves the three missing gems are all of
largest size, leaving only one of that size still under their control.

Shared Powers:

* Each gem is linked to a source of varied size. The power of the gem
also reflect the size of the source. A movable ley line is linked
the gem to the source, so that no matter where the gem is the
is still usable via the ley line.
* The ley lines linked to the gems do not need to be maintained.
* Only Elves and the Blooded can use the gems powers. To all others
are just pretty stones.
* Unless all the gems are controlled only their secondary powers are
accessible. The ley lines are still usable though.
* If the Crown of Lluabraight is also controlled then multiples of a
single power may be used. For example the third gem grants the
to cast mass charm once per day. With the crown and all 12 gems
this spell could be cast 12 times a day. No other primary powers
be used from any of the gems though.
* With the Crown the powers are also usable anywhere linked to the
Thus they may be used in the Lluabraight province of Rhoisneibhal
where the Tower of the Grand Mistress is located or in any
linked by ley lines to any of the gems. As most of these provinces
outside the Elven kingdom this would give the Elves great power
their enemies, but as they do not have all 12 gems it is of little
at the moment.

Individual Powers:

Note: The gems secondary powers are listed first, followed by the more
powerful primary power and finally the province the ley line is linked
and the level of the source holding. The Gems currently missing are gems
3, and 4.

1 - 4 (30 cm in diameter)

1st Gem:

* Affect Normal Fires at will.
* Meteor Storm 1/day
* Ley line to Idzar (0/9), level 9 source holding.

2nd Gem:

* Fog Cloud at will.
* Incendiary Cloud 1/day.
* Ley line to Caer Dwyth (1/8), level 8 source holding.

3rd Gem:

* Clairaudiance at will.
* Sink 1/day.
* Ley line to Raka-Zai (0/9), level 9 source holding.

4th Gem:

* Water Breathing at will.
* Mass Charm 1/day.
* Ley line to Hor-than (0/9), level 9 source holding.

5 - 8 (20 cm in diameter)

5th Gem:

* Light at will.
* Delayed Blast Fireball 1/day.
* Ley line to Innherad (0/7), level 7 source holding.

6th Gem:

* Feather Fall at will.
* Control Weather 1/day.
* Ley line to Barrow Woods (0/7), level 7 source holding.

7th Gem:

* Detect Magic at will.
* Lower Water 1/day.
* Ley line to Vejle (1/6), level 6 source holding.

8th Gem:

* Armour at will.
* Move Earth 1/day.
* Ley line to Halten (1/6), level 6 source holding.

9 - 12 (10 cm in diameter)

9th Gem:

* Dancing Lights at will.
* Wall of Fire 1/day.
* Ley line to Bjorlangen (0/5), level 5 source holding.

10th Gem:

* Phantasmal Force at will.
* Cloudkill 1/day.
* Ley line to Floda Fjord (1/4), level 4 source holding.

11th Gem:

* Sleep at will.
* Cone of Cold 1/day.
* Ley line to Boganhaar (0/5), level 5 source holding.

12th Gem:

* Mending at will.
* Stone Shape 1/day.
* Ley line to Kazal-Zai (0/5), level 5 source holding.

Combined with the Crown these Gems are an incredible magical artifact.
is advised that the Gorgon be kept well away from them as the
would be very, very bad. The same goes for PC's as they almost rank on
same scale as the Gorgon for destructive capability.

by Ian Hoskins

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