Gary schrieb:


> Each point of bloodline score might be worth 100gp (just as an example)

> while blood abilities might be rated according to their strength; minor =

> 500gp; major = 1,000gp; great = 2,000gp. A character with major, 38

> bloodline, two minor and one major abilities then might be considered to

> have 38 x 100 = 3,800 + 500 + 500 + 1,000 = 5,800gp worth of

> "equipment" on

> his person (plus any actual equipment s/he carries.) That total value

> can

> then be compared to the amount of money that is "standard" for such a

> character to determine an overall EL for the purpose of determining

> encounters.

> No worrying about bloodline`s ECL, XP costs to gain the appropriate

> "level"

> in a scion character class, no need to portray bloodline as anything

> other

> than what it probably is best described as--something extraneous to the

> character class system itself.

> Thoughts?

> Gary

My first throught is that seeing this suggestion and seeing it as good I

might consider to leave the "I hate Gary" community ;-)

Do I understand it correct that in your example a scion could say "I

start with bloodabilities worth X gold" which are substracted from his

"equipment at that character level" while the other adventurers get

their full value?

A problem I see:

How do you prevent that the scion aquires better/more equipment in the

game? If he gets the same share of treasue as the others, then, if he at

a later time wishes to increase or add more bloodabilities he has to

give away part of his equipment?

Is sounds strange to think that a character started with bloodabilites

equal the worth of the others magical items and a few seasons later when

all plundered the hoard of the evil wizard, the blooded scion has to

take less than his share of the treasure if he wishes to increase his