I have been listening to the argument about whether to cater to frp or
wargame, and feel like getting my two cents in. I am a roleplayer. I
enjoy AD&D and World of Darkness. That still doesn't stop me from
liking the BR system as it stands in the box. I feel that we need more
of these type of games. Though I will admit, it would be a great deal
easier if they came out with a computer DM helper for running NPC
realms. So I guess what I am saying is that BR wargaming is how I vote.
I would suggest to anyone that complains about TSR and their release
schedule, to go to there Homepage and read about what they are doing to
keep TSR alive and producing better products. I was surprised that they
will not kill any line, just maybe produce less for it. I for one, am
expecting good things from the new owners. We will have to wait and
Russ T.

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