> I have just purchased "Player's Option: Spells & Magic" and I must say
> that I cannot recommend that product enough. I haven't read anything
> that good since the BR Campaign Setting came out. And guess who is
> designer behind this incredible supplement book: RICH BAKER, our guru of
> Birthright!
> In this book, he demonstrates his vast knowledge and understanding of
> magic, both in fantasy gaming and litterature. It is VERY well written
> and includes brilliant info on all spell casting characters, and a
> throughout tour in magic: New wizard and priest kits, new proficiencies,
> info on research and research equipment, a new (and very smoothworking)
> magical system based on spell points (at last!), new spells and much
> more. But what I like the most are the new systems of magic like (for
> wizards):
> * Channellers who draw their magical energy from their inner hidden
> sources, getting tired as they continue spell casting (reminded of
> Raistlin?),

Which brings me to a point I've been waiting to make:

In my game, all Birthright True Wizards are channelers, but Those
who control Sources and Ley-lines can add the level of the source to
their own level to determine the exhaustion rating. I think that fits
well to the simbiotic relationship I've read about with true mages and


Kurt N. Wiegel