Hello, Morten Helles here, (Adam Theo inspired introduction :)

I have just purchased "Player's Option: Spells & Magic" and I must say
that I cannot recommend that product enough. I haven't read anything
that good since the BR Campaign Setting came out. And guess who is
designer behind this incredible supplement book: RICH BAKER, our guru of

In this book, he demonstrates his vast knowledge and understanding of
magic, both in fantasy gaming and litterature. It is VERY well written
and includes brilliant info on all spell casting characters, and a
throughout tour in magic: New wizard and priest kits, new proficiencies,
info on research and research equipment, a new (and very smoothworking)
magical system based on spell points (at last!), new spells and much
more. But what I like the most are the new systems of magic like (for

* Channellers who draw their magical energy from their inner hidden
sources, getting tired as they continue spell casting (reminded of

* Warlocks and witches who draw their magical energy from evil fiends
and demons (reminded of Ravenloft and the Sword Mage?),

* Defilers and preservers who draw their powers from their surroundings,
possibly corrupting it (reminded of Darksun?), and

* Alienists and summoners who draw their magical power from their
increasingly insane knowledge of how the universe really works (reminded
of Lovecraft?).

If you don't already have this game supplement, BUY IT! I guarantee that
it will spice up your BR campaign!