Ian Hoskins wrote:

> What about the Siren's Realm in Blood Enemies. It states there that
> she has a unit of irregulars (200) + her guards (75 men) both of
> which are given war cards. And the Magian's Riders (12). So in those
> case there are units which number less than 200 men. I would suggest
> that other like the knights of Haelyn might also be less than 200 in
> number.

I agree on this. IMHO a unit should consist of approx. 200 Hit Dice
worth of creatures. That way, a 11 HD stone giant occupies approx. the
same area as 11 archers (the level of the archers doesn't matter).

By this, a unit of archers would consist of 200 men, a unit of 11 HD
stone giants would consist of 18 giants, a unit of 7 HD griffons would
consist of 29 griffons, a unit of knights would consist of 50 knights (1
HD pr. knight, 3 HD pr. heavy war horse) etc.

I know that some units, like the Magian's Riders, don't fit into these
rules. But those are very special units with very special abilities and