In my last gaming session the question cropped up as to what the level
of a multi/dual class character must seen in relation to Bloodpowers.
In contrast to priest and wizard powers you can't say that power belongs
to that class.
i.e. a Wizard/Fighter 5/3 casts spells as a 5th level wizard

In the case of Dual class characters it seems obvious to take the total
of the different classes and use that level. The use of a blood power
isn't associated with one of his classes therefore his total experience
up till this moment should be taken into account.
Therefore the same Wizard/Fighter 5/3 would be able to alter is
appearance for 1 turn and 5+3=8 rounds.

The Multi class characters can be adjucated either way.
Since the entire purpose of a multiclass character is to get additional
bonuses and abilities early on I myself would rule that a Fighter/Thief
2/2 would have to be seen as a second level character for determination
of effect (or if you allow multiclass characters to rise at different
points take the highest level (so a Thief/Mage 7/5 would be seen as 7)
or the average (the same Thief/Mage 7/5 would be seen as 6)
Another view is to say that since they had to gether the XP they to may
add their levels.

I'ld like to hear what you think about this matter.
Jan Arnoldus