I've decided to start up a spelljammer PBEM, mostly because my Realms PBEM
is going so well and I love Spelljammer. To do that I need players, so if
anyone out there is interested in a great PBEM, please read the guidelines
below and submit a character!
!!!_Please read this message through completely before submitting._!!!

A little about this game. It will be based on the Rock of Bral which is
within its own Cyrstal Sphere (called Bralspace or Spiralspace). Because
of this it is desirable for each player to own a copy of the original SJ
boxed set because a map of the Rock appears therein. This is not a
requirement, we can work around it if we have to.

The game will draw on several fiction works for inspiration. Besides the
SJ novels (which were of mixed quality), the _Bolitho_ series of
historical novels by Alexander Kent, the Thieves' World Anthologies,
_Sailor on the Seas of Fate_ by Michael Moorcock, all of Fritz Leiber's
Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser stuff and just about any good old fashioned Eorl
Flynn pirate movie.

Character's should hail from somewhere described in a TSR product (Besides
Krynspace, Realmspace, and Greyspace there are spheres described in
various SJ products and novels, a well as a couple of spheres found in
_Dungeon_ adventures). Some "homegrown" spheres might be acceptable if
they have a major net precense.

The game is relatively low powered but I do expect the PCs to advance
fairly quickly.

Before submitting a character, please take a look at the Black Company
webpage and see what the tenor of my games are:

!!Do not send you submission as an attachment, send it within the message
body. Attachments will be ignored.

Admission to the game is on a rolling basis. I will post this once a week
until I have a sufficient number of players, but that number has not yet
been determined. once I've decided to start I will post a message to the
lists closing admissions to the game. 6-10 players is my goal, but I'm
flexible enough to handle a few more or less.

The game requires that each player post once each week, minimum. If you
cannot regularly meet that schedule (special circumstance and advance
notice for short absences is allowed) please do not send a character. I
will kick players out for not posting if forced. The game is long term,
I expect it to run for at least a year. I don't need a commitment for that
long of a period, but I do ask that you give me several weeks notice prior
to your leaving, so I can arrange a logical reason for your character's

Okay, here's the set up.
The campaign is set on the Rock of Bral. I will choose players who send a
well thought out, detailed character background and personality.
Munchkins shouldn't waste their time.

Okay, a few guidelines on characters:

_NO_ "Players Option" garbage. Non-negotiable.

Levels-1 to 3 Be sure to give me a background. PCs from previous
campaigns are welcome, provided they have a detailed background.

Classes- the following are allwoed:Warrior Group:Fighter, Ranger,
Paladin, Priest Group:Specialty priest(inc druids), Monks, Mystics,
Crusaders (from _Faiths and Avatars_)(note:no clerics specialty priests
only in my games), Rogue Group:Thief, Bard, Ninja(from CNinja'sHB),
Wizard Group:Mage, specialist wizards, Psionic Group: Psioncists (using
CPsHB and Will and the Way) Some classes above may not be permitted to take

Races-No dragons, beholders, _drow_, illithids. Most from the Complete
Book of Humanoids will get through. If you look weird expect npcs to treat
you weird. Planescape races may be allowed. otherwise, standard. If you
are an elf, dwarf, halfling, gnome be sure to indicate subrace(High elf,
Mountain dwarf ect)

Kits-Only 2 TSR products are a guarenteed no for kits-_Wizard and Rogues of
the Realms_ and Warriors and Priests of the Realms_. I hate those
products. Otherwise-try me. I highly encourage kits and will look at each

Alignments-Choose carefully, I'll hold you to it. If your actions are
severe enough to warrant a drastic change, characters above fourth level
_lose_ a level, dropping to the min xp needed for the next level down.
I'll warn you if I feel you are slipping. Keep in mind the campaign
concept, CN,CG,LN,N,NG, and LE are the most appropriate alignments but
there is no requirement. With the right background I'll allow just about

Equipment-beginning PCs start with standard gp for their class and kit,
they can purchase items from Aurora's whole realms catalogue, arms and
equipment guide, thieves'handbook, PHB. None of the players should be
rich. Pre-existing characters from other campaigns start with what they've

Ability Scores- I recommend using 4d6, dropping the lowest, roll six
times and then arrange to fit. Honestly, I don't care how you do it, but
overwhelmingly high scores will get your PC rejected as Munchkiny. 18 is
the highest score allowed, and all racial limits apply. PCs of some races
_might_ exceed the 18 limit, I reserve the right to make a judgement call
based on the PC's other stats.

Be sure to send a complete list of Stats, abilities, spells, equipment,
and especially background explaining why you are on the Rock of Bral.

_Do not_ send your submissions to the list. Besides being bad form,
all prospective players are on the list and I try to keep player stats secret
from other players. There is a wide variation in levels in the group, but
the heavy roleplaying aspect of the game makes this usually unnoticeable.
Sending your stats to list means I won't even read them.

Some points to keep in mind:
1)I am not sure about other games, but I expect to receive many submissions for
these openings. That means I have to be picky, though I admit even if I
only receive 1 submission for the I will be equally picky. I put too much
time into my game to just accept players willy-nilly. When I invite
players into my house for at home games, I insure that they are not only
good roleplayers, but basically polite individuals who won't do stupid
things like expect my wife to fetch them beer. I learned from hard
expirence I needed to be very discriminating. I apply that expirence to
PBEM games as well, I have a good group currently. I owe it to them to
insure new players will fit into the system.

2)The biggest problem I run into with PBEM players is failure to post. I
only require one post a week (more often is _very_ welcome) but that is a
locked in stone, you will get kicked out if you break the rule, period. I
look for a general sense of responsibilty in prospective players.

3)I require a rich, detailed character background. This is hard to
quantify in words. It is _not_ simply submitting a "wierd" character. (an
elf who hates elves, or a LG ogre paladin, for instance). Instead, it
involves creating a character whose background and motivations might come
from a good (I mean really good) novel. PBEM is basically a writing
exercise. Writing a good, rich, detailed background is my best gauge of
a player's ability in PBEM. Good table top roleplayers do not always make
good PBEM gamers. I know one truely horrid tabletop player who is actually
quite a good PBEM gamer.

4) You proposed character must "fit" with the campaign concept. If your
submitting a paladin and the rest of the players are running CN thieves,
party conflict will rule. I want _mild_ or low key party tension, and I
look for "hooks" with other players. I don't want my game to turn into me
refereeing intra-party violence.

Thanks for considering this game and good luck!

"We look on the same stars, the sky is common, the same world surrounds
us. What difference does it make by what pains each seeks the truth? We
can not attain to so great a secret by one road..."
Symmachus, "Memorial on the Occasion of the Removal of the Altar of
Victory from the Senate House" (392 AD)

Paul William Westermeyer