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Greetings and well met to those in this wonderous land of Cerilia. I am
TRYING to DM a game by e-mail in based in this campaign world and would
appreciate any comments,suggestions,criticism,etc., that you all could
offer. I'm new to both the campaign world AND the world of PBeM gaming.
Here's the scenario: I have 20+ players, all with a domain. Most of my
players are in Anuire but one is in Halaskap, another in Baruk-Azhik,
and one (Haelyn help me:) playing the Magian. I do have other players
playing "not recommended for players" domains (I'm sure I'm not the
first DM to try it), besides a slight unbalance of RPs, everything looks
OK. But we are still finishing the first round in the first turn.
My query is to do with mass combat battles over PBeM games. I like the
WAR CARDS (but can we do that in this kind of campaign?) and I like the
SKIRMISHES rules (I'm leaning more towards this). Could anyone offer
suggestions on how to take care of this?
ANY links to BR pages are really appreciated. I am trying to put a sight
together for my players and found a few rules on other sights I may use,
if anyone would like to send their ideas, new rules, ANYTHING! That's
On the topic of the new Hardcover for BR: I think what they could be
trying to do is bringing it out for the adventuring/campaign-oriented
groups that don't need all the info from the box set, but do need more
"I'm just one of the little guys" character information. I think this
should save the BR product line, and definately strengthen it. WAY TO GO
TSR. (By the way, this is not an employee of the company doing a plug.)
I had actually STOPPED using this game system for a year until this
campaign setting came out. And I'm not turning back.

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