I was rereading War, and noticed something I thought would make a great
addition to the BR game. In the novel Dulcain took Reese to a Master
Swordmaker named Herrick. Herrick's blades are supposed to known as some of
the finest steel money can buy. Any Warrior worth his salt would risk his
life to get one of his blades. It occured to me that there could be many
Master Craftsmen in Cerilia, whose wares are fit for a King. As BR dosen't
have a load of magic weapons floating around, these Weapons of Quality would
be the senseable choice for someone who is above using something "off the
rack", as it were. To that end I have come up with a short list of Master
Craftsman, including the qualities of the items they fashion. I suggest
using "Sages & Specialists" to detail these NPCs as individuals should your
PCs ever encounter one of them. Also a DM should determine where in Cerilia
each of these folks live. Its unlikely that they all dwell right in the PCs
hometown. Also prices of these various items should be rather high(at least
as high as a Magical item of a similar type), these men only work a few
pieces a year, and each is unique in some way. So even the greatest King may
have to wait years before he will recieve his item. Provided the Master
agrees to construct one for them. It should also be noted that these items
are as much a statement as they are a useful tool, and anyone recognizing
the item for what it is will have thier Reactions modified when encountering
someone possessing one of them. Haveing recognized the owner as a warrior of
some distinction, even if they have never heard of them. Lastly all of these
items are of the finest quality, and all of them are suitable for
enchantment. Once enchanted that will supersede the items original bonuses.

Herrick(Blademaster) - Herrick crafts the best bladed weapons in Cerilia.
PCs can have most any *standard* type of sword or dagger made for them by
this Craftsman. His wares have half the Speed Factor(minimum of 1)of a
normal weapon of its type, and the blades are +1(non-magical)to Damage.

Cadian(Bowmaster) - Cadian is a Half-Elf who fashions the finest Bows in the
Civilized kingdoms. PCs may have Cadian craft them almost any type of
*standard* Bow or Crossbow. Cadian's weapons grant a +1(non-magical)to Hit,
and have thier ranges increased by +10 yards per range catagory. Also all
his bows act as "Strength Bows" allowing a user to add thier Strength
bonuses to the bow's to Hit(as well as the +1 normally givin)and Damage rolls.

Volund(Axemaster) - Volund is a Dwarf. Even among his people his weapons are
legendary. PCs can have Volund forge most any *standard* Mace, Axe, or
Flail. Volund's weapons are +1 to Hit, and +2 on Damage(both non-magical).

Ivarsson(Pole Arms Master) - Ivarsson's family has manufactered Pole Arms
for the elite of Cerilia for centuries. PCs can have this Craftsman make
virtually any *standard* Pole Arm. Weapons made by him have half the Speed
Factor(minimum of 1)of a normal weapon of its type.

El-Siddig(Armsmaster) - This Khinsani family has a reputation for creating
the most unusual of weapons. PCs may have them make almost any
*non-standard* weapon they can think of(Katana, Blowgun, Caltrop, Cestus,
etc.). These weapons will have a +1(non-magical) to Hit, and some(DMs
discretion)may also have a +1(non-magical)on Damage.

Von Golenstiel(Armorsmith) - Von Golenstiel creates some of the most
fabulous suits of armor in all of Cerilia, but aside from being attractive
they also serve thier wearer more effectively. PCs can have this Craftsman
construct nearly any type of armor or shield. All armor made by him
functions at 1 AC class better then its normal type, and all shields he
makes grant an additional +1(non-magical)to the users AC.


"War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
the province of life or death;
the road to survival or ruin.
It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
-Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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