Good Day All,

Below is a spell list I'm working up for Priests of Haelyn based not on
spheres but on the actual descriptions of the spells and how they relate to the
gods AoCs and the bloodabilities associated with the god's lineage.

Comments, suggestions, opinions?


Anduiras - god of nobility and war
Tribe: Andu
Totem: Lion

Priest Spell Access List

Spell selection was based on the primary Areas of Concern (War,
leadership) with an additional emphasis towards courage, justice, chivalry,
kings and warriors. His symbol implies some association with the sun, the
sunburst with elemental (fire) and sword with combat.

Spell Selection based on Bloodabilities:

Animal Affinity - animal spells limited to lions
Battlewise - spells which effect the ratings of units
Courage - spells which combat the effects of fear
Detect Lie - as in the spell
Detect Illusion - no illusion spells or detect/dispel magic
Divine Aura - enthrall, hypnotic pattern, and access to fear type spells
Divine Wrath - able to call upon the direct aid of the divine
Elemental control - air spells
Enhanced sence - detect evil
Healing - major access to sphere of Healing
Heightened Ability - charisma - Charm sphere
strength - spells increasing strength
Iron will - spells which guard the mind
Protection from Evil - as in the spell
Regeration - access to Regenerate
Resistance - spells that resists charm
Travel - no teleportation

Spheres for consideration based on Bloodabilities:

Animal (Lion), Charm, Elemental (Air), Healing, War (effect units)

Spheres for consideration based on AoCs:

War - War, Creation (feeding troops)
Leader - Charm
Justice - Divination (Thought, Numbers)
Kings - Creation (feasts), Divination (advisor), Guardian, Law,
Necromantic (poison),
Protection (king & things (Wards))
Warrior - Combat, Protection, Necromantic (fatigue, endurance, etc.)
Symbol - Sun, Elemental (Fire)

Spell List for Priest of Haelyn

1st Level - 31/19 (Reversible limited - 5, Other limited - 3)

Analyze Balance (TOM), Animal Friendship (Lions only), Bless,
Blessed Watchfulness (PO:S&M), Call upon Faith (TOM), Calm Animal (Lions
only) (PO:S&M), Combine, Command, Courage (TOM), Cure Light Wounds,
Detect Evil, Detect Poison, Dispel Fatigue (PO:S&M), Emotion Read (TOM),
Endure Cold/Heat, Light, Locate Animals (Lion only), Log of Everburning
(TOM), Magical Stone, Morale (TOM), Orison (PO:S&M), Protection from
Chaos (PO:S&M), Protection from Evil, Purify Food & Drink, Remove/Cause
Fear, Ring of Hands* (TOM), Sacred Guardian (TOM), Sanctuary, Strength of
Stone (PO:S&M), Sunscorch (PO:S&M), Weighty Chest (TOM), Wind Column

2nd Level - 30/17 (Reversible limited - 3, Other limited - 2)

Aid, Augury, Calm Chaos (TOM), Chant, Charm Mammal (Lion only),
Cure Moderate Wounds (PO:S&M), Detect Charm, Dust Devil, Draw upon
Holy Might (TOM), Enthrall, Find Traps, Fire Trap, Flame Blade, Heat/Chill
Metal, Hold Person, Iron Vigil (PO:S&M), Know Alignment, Mind Read (TOM),
Moment (TOM), Produce Flame, Rally (TOM), Resist Acid & Corrosion
(PO:S&M), Resist Fire/Cold, Restore Strength (PO:S&M), Sanctify*, Silence
(15' Radius), Slow Poison, Speak with Animals (Lion only), Spiritual Hammer
(sword), Zone of Truth (TOM)

3rd Level - 32/22 (Reversible limited - 6, Other limited - 0)

Air Breathing, Continual Light, Control Animal (Lion only) (PO:S&M),
Create Food & Water, Cure Blindness/Deafness, Cure Disease, Dictate
(PO:S&M), Emotion Control (TOM), Extradimensional Detection (TOM), Flame
Walk, Hold Animal (Lions only), Hold Poison (PO:S&M), Know Customs
(TOM), Line of Protection* (TOM), Locate Object, Magical Vestment, Memory
Read (TOM), Moment Reading (TOM), Negative Plane Protection, Prayer,
Protection from Fire, Pyrotechnics, Remove Curse, Remove Paralysis, Repair
Injury (PO:S&M), Rigid Thinking (TOM), Speak with Dead, Strength of One
(TOM), Summon Animal Spirit (Lion) (PO:S&M), Unearthly Choir* (TOM),
Wind Servant (PO:S&M), Zone of Sweet Air (TOM)

4th Level - 22/12 (Reversible limited - 5, Other limited - 0)

Abjure, Blessed Warmth (TOM), Cloak of Bravery/Fear, Compulsive
Order (TOM), Cure Serious Wounds, Defensive Harmony (TOM), Detect Lie,
Focus (TOM), Fortify* (TOM), Free Action, Leadership (TOM), Neutralize
Poison, Quench Fire, Recitation (PO:S&M), Protection from Evil (10' radius),
Protection from Lightening, Spell Immunity, Suspended Animation (PO:S&M),
Tongues, Unfailing Endurance (PO:S&M), Uplift* (TOM), Windborne (PO:S&M)

5th Level - 17/13 (Reversible limited - 3, Other limited - 1)

Animal Summoning II (Lions only), Antiplant Shell, Atonement,
Blessed Abundance (TOM), Champion's Strength (TOM), Commune,
Consequence (TOM), Cure Critical Wounds, Dispel Evil, Impeding Permission
(TOM), Impregnable Mind (PO:S&M), Flame Strike, Meld* (TOM), Quest,
Rightous Wrath of the Faithful (PO:S&M), True Seeing, Unceasing Vigilance of
the Holy Sentinel (TOM)

6th Level - 11/6 (Reversible limited - 2, Other limited - 0)

Antianimal Shell, Command Monster (PO:S&M), The Great Circle*
(TOM), Forbiddance, Heal, Hero's Feast, Land of Stability (TOM), Legal
Thoughts (TOM), Speak with Monsters, Spiritual Wrath* (TOM), Word of

7th Level - 9/6 (Reversible limited - 3, Other limited - 0)

Antimineral Spell (PO:S&M), Confusion, Breath of Life (TOM),
Exaction, Gate, Holy Word, Impervious Sanctity of Mind (PO:S&M),
Regenerate, Spirit of Power* (TOM)