I shouldn't have to write this Post, but I must. Recently John Campbell
wrote an inflammatory Post directed at TSR's Online Coordinator, Sean
Reynolds. In truth Mr. Campbell's Post was not truely nasty, abusive, or
profane. But this is how bad habits get started, and spread, so I must
remind *everyone* that *any* scalding Posts directed at TSR or its employees
can get you banned from the List. TSR employees are given the "ultimate
discretion" when it comes to any point. Any and all information or feedback
they give us is from thier own free time, and being as how it is often the
most valuable of any Posts we do not want to discourage thier participation
on the List. This dosen't mean you can't give your opinions or thoughts(in
fact they like to hear what we have to say), but you can't argue, insult,
bait, or make demands of TSR employees. In short if they say they do not
wish to discuss something then they don't have to. Basically the same right
we all have. No disciplinary action will be taken this time, because as I
said Mr. Campbell's Post was very harmless. I just felt I should nip any
future activities like this in the bud. Thank you for your time.


"War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
the province of life or death;
the road to survival or ruin.
It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
-Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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