Hello, Adam Theo here,
Sorry for the long subject line, but it fits with the letter.

first: is there anyone out there that is wanting to co-DM with me and
two others a Birthright PBeM? the plan is to have one DM for each of the
four cultures (the fifth hasn't come out yet) in a simultaneous PBeM for
Birthright. I have no preferences, myself. contact me at
adamtheo@juno.com or malcom@sprintmail.com (preferably the first one).
please reply.

second: i have finally caught up with the requests for the Great
Birthright Links List. if there is anyone out there that requested the
GBRLL and you have not recieved it within the next two hous, PLEASE
contact me at adamtheo@juno.com or malcom@sprintmail.com (preferably the
first one) with a statement that i havn't sent it to you, i will give you
top priority in getting out the GBRLL to you. i can send it to you in
either HTML, Word, or plain txt format. as later editions come off the
printing press, i will bundle them up and send them off to those who have
requested this one. the next version of the GBRLL will be ready by
saturday of the end of this week.

third: the same above goes for my document of home rules and personal
modifications on AD&D 2nd ed. which i call "Adam's D&D" for lack of a
better name. if you requested it and it isn't in your box in two hours,
then please resend the request. i can send it in Word or plain txt. i
would just like to announce to all of the people who already have "Adam's
D&D" that i can send out the revised edition to all who i've sent it too
now. if you hate it and never want to see anything like it again, then
drop me a note and i'll take you off the list. thanks.

fourth: sorry for the cross-post, i'm sending this letter to both the
ADND-L list and the Birthright list. and also, since i've recieved so
many requests for both the GBRLL and Adam's D&D, that i've put them as a
permanant part of my sig. :)
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :-o !!
contact me for a copy of Adam Theo Florida, USA
the GBRLL and "Adam's D&D" adamtheo@juno.com