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::sigh:: It is attitude like this "Online Coordinator's" that gets my
goat. My name is John. What's yours?

But, to get beyond the back-side of my goat... :-)
I don't feel as though I _have_ to use the Domain mechanics in BR. I use
them because they ROCK.
As far as crunching numbers goes AD+D is rampant with number-crunching for
those that need it, but fortunately most of it can be easily ignored.
What do you think is wrong with "a 'wargame with role-playing aspects,' as
a former TSR CEO mistakenly defined it"?
Or a RPG with wargame aspects? If you take the positive perspective you
might see how much of the Domain mechanics does not involve war at all. I
would hope the play-balance makes war very wasteful of resources. That
might make for some interesting discussion....

The BR Domain mechanics is what make this game worth buying. Expand on it.
Examine it Play VGAPlanets, Civilization, or any other game that
involves the economics of growth and crisis management. It is the future.
Don't be another XEROX. Maybe you should, I would like to see what
would happen if other game designers take this and run with it. Anyone?


PS "Don't ask me to debate this issue - I won't." What was your name
again? Do your parents know you are on-line?

PPS I won't flame on this again, but I may attempt more reasonable
discussion on the subject. The "TSR Online Coordinator" made my goat
rather ticked. He is all right now. :-)

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::sigh:: I knew that little statement was going to get misinterpreted.

Folks, there is more to BR than just the _mechanics_ of the domain turns.
So much of the book in the original box set was devoted to them that
people think that they _have_ to use them, and are using them like a
Ted is still going to include them in a reduced form, but will also
emphasize that the domain turns can also be handled through role-playing.
We're not killing the essence of Birthright, or anything stupid like that.
Birthright is more that a "wargame with role-playing aspects," as a
former TSR CEO mistakenly defined it, but that is most peoples' conception
of it. We need to show them that BR is a cool place to game, even if you
don't like crunching numbers.

This is the last I have to say on this matter. Don't ask me to debate this
issue - Iwon't.

Good gaming!
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