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    I was reading about how some DM's like to balance there characters.

    even when somone gains a powerfull templet

    treat the templet as levels. witch the character now haveto/ or can opt to take.

    So lets think about a character thet is not blooded. then bang, he becoms blooded by some mean.

    now he would be much more powerfull than anyone else in the group. well thet do not have to be. all thet migth hapen is thet the next level he has to take must be spent on the "templet level"

    I belive there is no upper limid on the blood score. but you must have one in order to take "levels"

    you will not recive any benifits for your bloodscore (exept the RP colection and spending) unless you have "levels"

    Im refering to ecounter level adjustments treaded as levels. So you will use XP for them. has anyone written it out? I would love to see an example.


    I think the idee is clear. So have there been any treads about this.

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    I'm not real sure what you are talking about. Here is some previos discussion over why the revised Chap 2 went with scion levels vice and level adjusted templates. Note the reference to the WotC site and what 'they' are doing with creating levels for all of the level adjusted templates in the Monster Manual.

    I guess as far as the example you bring up about a non-blooded becoming blooded, I think that the revised Chap 2 specifically addresses the point you are making. Basically a scion can have a bloodline without taking any scion class levels, but he would not gain any blood abilities greater than minor strength, wouldn't gain any of the other regent benefits (i.e., bonus hit points and starting equipment - both variants).

    QUOTE (Blackfrost @ Dec 11 2003, 02:18 PM)
    Overall I felt that you did an excellent job with the revision and appreciated the many variants that you chose to include within this chapter as well as the updated descriptions of the blood abilities. My question is this: Will the rules for creating a blooded character using ECL adjustments be included in the final draft? If not, I was wondering what you might suggest as fair templates for this method. (how many bloodline points to add, ecl adjustment, etc.)

    I would avoid using ECL templates entirely and instead use the class levels. It is more in line with 3.5. In fact on the Wizards site they are posting class levels (or equivalent) for all ECL'd templates in the Monster Manual just to keep things consistent.

    Here's the link to check it out

    If you really want to use ECL templates then I'd just continue to use the ones in the first version of the BRCS-playtest.

    Back to your question - there are no plans to include ECL templates at this time. If there is enough voiced opinions this may be reversed though.

    Sorry for seeming so brash and off the cuff, if you take the templates from the BRCS-playtest and double the blood score bonuses they should work fairly well, although I still think that using level-progression is the better way to go, besides we are only talking about 2 levels vice 4 or 5.
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