::sigh:: I knew that little statement was going to get misinterpreted.

Folks, there is more to BR than just the _mechanics_ of the domain turns.
So much of the book in the original box set was devoted to them that
people think that they _have_ to use them, and are using them like a crutch.
Ted is still going to include them in a reduced form, but will also
emphasize that the domain turns can also be handled through role-playing.
We're not killing the essence of Birthright, or anything stupid like that.
Birthright is more that a "wargame with role-playing aspects," as a
former TSR CEO mistakenly defined it, but that is most peoples' conception
of it. We need to show them that BR is a cool place to game, even if you
don't like crunching numbers.

This is the last I have to say on this matter. Don't ask me to debate this
issue - Iwon't.

Good gaming!
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