Hello, Adam Theo here,
my opinions below.
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: Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 19:42:06 -0400 (EDT)
: From: TSRInc@aol.com
: Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Prize chosen for the net-logo contest!
: Just so you know, they are going to be revising the BR box set
: into a hardbound book, focusing less on the domain turn
: mechanics and emphasizing role-playing more.
i think that there was just enough game mech's. true, not enough role
playing tips. suggestions on these "new-age hard-bound settings":
i strongly hope that the binding will be strong, the paper will be
durable, not thin, and that the maps will be perferated in the book for
easy tear out, but not too easy, since i won't buy a book with maps
missing because the perferation came undone in handling. otherwise, this
is a great idea, making the settings more user- and storage- freindly.

: Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 08:51:47 +0300 (EET DST)
: From: Harri Kemppainen
: Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Send in your logo suggestions
: Web space is up and running as often as I often as my computer is on in
: Linux mode. Address for contest pages is
**Mr. Kemppainen, you use Linux? please tell me the pro's and con's,
since ive been thinking about using it myself.

: As you notized there were some things still open like time to send
: submissions, time to vote or background color. Make suggestion or try
: find a consensus on list. If no consensus arises I do as I see proper.
**a white background is probably best. and as was stated earlier, .GIF
has no problem with it. time to vote should be ten days and time for
submissions should be two weeks.

: Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 09:05:28 -0500
: From: John Campbell
: Subject: RE: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Prize chosen for the net-logo contest!
: Less Domain mechanics! :-( This game is COOL because of the Domain

: mechanics. If I want intricate NPC and world detail I can close my
: and spit in any direction and get that. :-( Bad move TSR-WotC.
: Improve on a cool idea, don't lose it.
**although i don't agree with not needing world and NPC detail, i do
agree with the importance of the game mechanics. i do feel that overall
there wasn't enough role-playing suggestions over game mechanics, though.
try to have both a great deal of game mech's and campaign tips, less on
the repettion, which i've noticed in the rulebook. having all related
topics in one section and clearly labeled for easy finding would be much

: As for the reward for the Net-Logo; let the winner help DESIGN an NPC
: get a copy of the new hardbound book.
**i like this idea. put my vote in for design a NPC and get the new
hardback BR setting. although it's probably more than TSR was willing to
give, i suggest trying to get it as the prize (especially since i would
like it WHEN *I* WIN!! :) :)

Adam Theo Florida, USA
TSR and Mr Kemppaignen have my approval
(that's a big thing!)