I tend to agree, the Domain turn and running Kingdoms is what Birthright is
all about, role playing should based on the kingdom -running. I can see why
TSR have opted to do this, with BR sales being low and that being blamed on
the wargaming aspects of the setting but chucking out the base of the game is
not the way to go.However if the new book could co-exist with the previous
rules but just added more background and kingdoms then that would be great.
If there are going to be major changes in the setting why not set it a few
years in the future or maybe on Aduria.
By the way is the expansion into Aduria with that novel still going ahead
despite sales?

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Less Domain mechanics! :-( This game is COOL because of the Domain
mechanics. If I want intricate NPC and world detail I can close my eyes
and spit in any direction and get that. :-( Bad move TSR-WotC.
Improve on a cool idea, don't lose it.

As for the reward for the Net-Logo; let the winner help DESIGN an NPC and
get a copy of the new hardbound book.

My 2GB. ;-)


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OK, Tripp Elliot suggested a really interesting prize for
the contest, I checked with Ted Stark, and Ted okayed it.

Just so you know, they are going to be revising the BR box set
into a hardbound book, focusing less on the domain turn
mechanics and emphasizing role-playing more. I can't get
into it any more than that right now, but I am a BR fan and
so is Ted, and we both like what's planned for the revision.
Anyway, with that in mind ....

The winner of the net-logo contest will get to name a character
appearing in the revised setting. We'll work out the details
later, but the name and short description the winner provides
will be listed as an NPC in the new book. We might have to edit
or shorten it to fit in the book, but that's what we'll be
shooting for (and if it just doesn't fit, we'll stick that
character in a different product, like something on the Shadow

Sound cool?

Good gaming!
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