> while we are on this subject, i'd like to ask a question about capturing
> units. say an elven unit gets captured, does that mean a player regent now
> basically owns 200 suits of elven chain mail??
> I'm sure elven units wear 'elven chain mail' but the thought of 100's of
> the suits falling into human (player) hands isn't nice. Saying that elves
> don't wear elven chain and only wear standard (human) chain and plate sorta
> takes away the idea of elves being light on their feet to attack and flee
> before being spotted.
> Anyone else come across this or have any thoughts about it?
> Eric
> ejarvis@yaleads.cis.yale.edu

Well, this brings up a topic I don't think we've hit upon yet, and that is
looting. Historical big bucks were to be had (by the soldiers and the
commanders) from looting the dead and prisoners from a battle.
The Gurps Mass Combat rules have a quick rule for such activities: the
salvage loot is worth 1/3 its muster cost, 1/6 if the unit was mounted.
Hence a unit of knights (muster 6 GBs) that are destoryed are worth 1 GB
in salvage, and remember it doesn't matter if it was an enemy unit or a
friendly unit (salvage is salvage..), just as long as you were the one left
holding the battle field at the end of the day.