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    a new way to handle spells

    This will make spelcasting somewhat more complex. but a lot more under controle.

    The rule is thet in order for an acsess to spells, each of thows spells must be listed for thet provience. This will make spellcasting even more complex.

    But the source / temple owner in the prov. can add or remove from the list of spells awailable to people for casting in thet prov. with a cost of Rp's and Xp

    Realm/ Domain Action
    manipulate common spells DC 10 + (spell protection) - Rp spent
    action cost
    Xp cost 100 * (spell vl)^2 (taxed only ones even thow many provs are afected)
    RP cost 1 + 1 for every prov to be afected

    Spell protection. is the protection made by the one who alterd the table the last time. Spell protection is calculated this way.
    (casters ability modifyer + spell level + Rp spent)

    In order to afect the spells in this way, you must fyrst know the spell. Spells granted to you. like cleric spells are not spells you know. but you pray for them. But some, not many do know how the divine spells realy work, usualy thows thet grant them.

    Arcane: In tha agent world the draons made the current status for spells using there own ability modyfyers to protect the spell-lists, even thow there are few provs were powerfull mages have afected the lay of the spell-lists by there will.

    Divine: barring good spells in evil lands keeps the hords of paladins at bay. there thay find them selfe less powerfull then in there home.

    A ruin temple not fare from Illien. All teleport spell have been afected in a dier manner, so if anyone will try to teleport without a blessed holy simple made by a hig cleric of thet temple, will instanty find them selfes in the dungeon. No mater how hard thay then try to teleport themselfes, thay simply find them selfes back in squer one on thet nice little dungeon.

    So the biggest trap in the temple is the teleport sircle with promis to teleport you into the tresure room, but without the key, you just end up in the dungeon.

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    Are you referring to all spells or just domain spells, it isn't clear to me.

    In either case though a problem arises in the fact that most temple and source regents have temples and sources in multiple lands where each has different cultures (or at the very least different 'alignments&#39. Are you saying that the regent could only cast spells in a province that are 'allowed' by the province parameters?

    If so, IMO this could become very very difficult to control and keep track of. IMO it would probably be better to allow the regent to cast whatever spells he wants (and is capable of) only have the realm regent in the province have some kind of political fall out over the actions. Just an idea.
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