EJARVIS wrote:
> I am looking for a copy of Simon Hawk's WAR book. Does anyone have a
> they are willing to part with? If so plz email me.
> Thanks,
> Eric

I believe this will be re-released in the coming couple months. Here's
what I have gathered for releases through December:
King of the GiantDowns
[Book] - Falcon and Wolf or War
The Book of PriestCraft
[Book] - Falcon and Wolf or War
Tribes of the Heartless Wastes

You can see the 3 game accessories release dates in the inside front
cover of the latest Dragon magazine, and from reading later in the magazine
you can see the two books due, as well. I believe there are a couple errors
in the schedule in the front, however. Some of the items are on the
wrong lines, and the Birthright books left out.

Hope this helps!
Dustin Evermore