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The Birthright Netbook ┬*and Darkstar's Birthright PBeM Game
at ┬*
hosted by Darkstar
*** A great place to check out for Birthright-specific optional rules,
magical items & spells, and domain info submitted by 'net fans. ┬*Nothing in
the way of adventures, though (at least not yet). ┬*This is a good place to
check out the happenings of Darkstar's campaign and what it was like before
and after it became a PBeM (Darkstar does a great job of handling so many
players). Darkstar's Birthright Page also has some pretty neat video-game
style music to it as well.┬*┬*And if you have some Birthright material that
you came up with, this or one of the two mirror Birthright Netbook sites
are great places to send it in to, so others can check out your genius.

The Birthright Netbook Mirror Site One
hosted by Sepsis
*** Also check out a mirror site of Darkstar's Birthright Netbook. ┬*If
you're having any problems with getting to the original or contacting
Darkstar about the netbook or submissions, ┬*this and the other mirror site
are the places to go. ┬*Sepsis has been kind enough to maintain this
Birthright site for the fans out there on the 'net and does a *passable*
job at it (Okay, so I can't admit that someone has done something better
than I could do, we all have that problem, right?;)

And the Birthright Netbook Mirror Site Two
at hosted by Dream
*** And we come to the other great page for Birthright fans seeking new
optional rules and neat magical stuff. ┬*Dream has also donated very
precious time and energy into creating a site that everyone can use if they
can't (or for some reason, don't want to) get to Darkstar's. ┬*it's much
faster to download (along with Sepsis's) than Darkstar's, since he has
quite a bit of images on his. ┬*So if you really don't want to wait around
for images to pop up (although neat, they do take a little while) or you're
not interested in Darkstar's PBeM, then defiantly do business here with
Dream (or that Art of War-quoting Sepsis :).

If you're looking for the big guys, go to TSR's Birthright(R) Home Page
hosted by those great fellows at TSR
*** It's lean, it's mean, and it's official. ┬*Late '96, this site didn't
have a thing on it, but now it's developed into something that all of us
can be proud of. ┬*If you can listen to .wav files, great, since there's a
pronunciation helper for all those tricky Anuirean names. ┬* There's the
Muden Sourcebook online along with it's map, and a useful timeline. ┬*And
elsewhere on TSR's webpages are Birthrihght's '96 and '97 product releases
along with a list of all Birthright products that TSR has produced up to
now.┬*┬*At this site, you can subscribe to MPGN's Birthright Mailing List,
described below.

The Birthright Mailing List
hosted by ┬*the Multi-Player Gaming Network
*** ┬*If you're interested in hearing what 'net fans have to say about
Birthright, and don't mind getting 15-22 posts a day on average (don't
worry, there's a digest version, as well), then just send an email to with a message body of subscribe birthright, if
you want the normal version, or subscribe birthright-digest for the digest
version. ┬*To send in posts of your own to the list, use the address ┬*If you ever want to contact a flesh and blood person
instead of an electronic mail filtering program, then send to

The Multi-Player Gaming Network's ftp. site for Birthright
hosted by MPGN (duh)
*** Not too much in the way of resources, except a great player-creation
describing his Mieres realm. ┬*All the rest is back issues of the Birthright
Mail List. ┬*All the way back to the very first issue. ┬*So you can go to the
post where the first review of The Rjurik Highlands was given. ┬*If you want
to contact MPGN about MPGN, then go to info@MPGN.COM. ┬*And for suggestions
and comments about the Gaming Archive itself, use ftp-maint@MPGN.COM.

Sierra's ┬*Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance
hosted by Sierra On-line
*** Ah, god bless Sierra. ┬*Besides making some of the best RPG computer
games in the world (King's Quest!) they have decided to promote the
greatest "paper" RPG out there,┬*Birthright. ┬*An awesome game and an awesome
site. ┬*This page gives ordering instructions and system requirements, but
there is also a┬*link to Sierra's Birthright Homepage, which gives some
really great info, such as a Windows Theme Pack, a demo, and a contest to
win Roele's Sword! ┬*Also meet the team that graced the world with this
majestic game. ┬*True, the game has some bugs, but not only is Sierra intent
on fixing them (for free for all those people who bought it before the bugs
are fixed), but they seem intent on expanding it further! ┬*Besides the
patch, there is also going to be Birthright Deluxe, a pumped up version of
Gorgon's Alliance which will include a DM helper to calculate taxes,
regency, and NPC domain actions for all those BR AD&D DM's out there. ┬*And
I've heard of rumors saying that they might do games for the Khinasi and
other cultures as well (don't take my word for it, though). ┬*Sierra knows a
good thing when they see it.┬*┬*If you're interested in playing some
Birthright on the computer, check it out, it's now on sale!

The CD-ROM Outlet Gorgon's Alliance On-line Purchasing Site
hosted by The CD-ROM Outlet
*** How many places are there to buy this great game of Sierra's? ┬*Here's

Fun -n- Games Birthright Purchasing Site
hosted by Fun -n- Games
*** Come on, support TSR's Birthright line. ┬*Here and numerous other
places, you can!

The Adventurer's Guild Online Birthright Purchasing Site
hosted by The Adventurer's Guild
*** Another site that sells Birthright material on-line. ┬*A wide selection,
and even miniatures!

Christian's Birthrighten Spellfire Karten
gibt von Christian
*** Ja! Ich sagte Ihnen ich wurde alles┬*die Birthrighten Seiten! ┬*Dieser
ist Deutsch! ┬*Wer versteht mich? ┬*Ist dieser richtig?

hosted by MJC
*** Nothing here with Birthright, yet. ┬*But there hopefully will be soon,
so keep your eye on it.

Lanctwa's Home Page
hosted by Lanctwa
*** Like the above, this will have some neat Birthright stuff on it, too,

Bob Ripley's Birthright PBeM, Regents of the Southern Marches
hosted by Bob Ripley
*** A play-by-email, and this site has some good info on the Eastern Temple
of Nesirie and the goddess herself! ┬*A small newspaper gives a few of the
recent happenings of the campaign.

Blood DM's PBeM
hosted by Blood DM's
*** A neat site, the main focus for non-players being the Imperial Times,
the campaign newsletter.

Muaadeeb's PBeM
hosted by Muaadeeb
*** Hours could be spent ┬*looking through this site. ┬*This PBeM is set in
Anuire and seems to offer a wide range of domains, whether they are open to
play or not, you'll have to ask ;) ┬*The newsletter is well-done and the
game appears to be stable. ┬*The newsletter, PC descriptions and their
comments are nice to read, even for non-players, to see how other
Birthright worlds are developing.

Paladin Ty's PBeM
hosted by Paladin Ty
*** Hopefully in the next version, I can give a fuller description of this
excellent-looking site. ┬*What I can say now is that while most of this is
strongly PBeM related, it still easily could provide a lot of entertainment
just from the story line itself. ┬*Cool pre-gaming history and great way to
have the players feel like they could be in deadly danger at any moment.

LDivane's PBeM
hosted by LDivane
*** A PBeM that I tried to get into, but was too late :( ┬*If you're
interested in a PBeM (you might be able to catch an opening at a later
date, but be polite, don't hound :), then check it out. ┬*Some comments from
the player's characters and the rules of play. ┬*Other than the PBeM info
and some cool pictures of the NPC's in the game, there's not much else
here, but the PBeM parts make up for it in my opinion.

Mr. Jamela's Revised Homepage
hosted by Jaime T. Matthew
*** The first Birthright site that I've seen so far using a game system
other than AD&D! ┬*Yes, Mr. Matthew has a page using the Hero System(tm),
product of Hero Games who also make Champions(R). ┬*This page includes
rules conversions, the happenings of a couple of campaigns, Birthright Hero
style, and some other interesting look-ats, such as a few stories (one of
which was on the ADND-L mail list in early August). ┬*If you're interested,
here's the┬*best Hero site on the 'net true, unrelated to
Birthright :)

Noah's Birthright Site
hosted by Noah
*** Oh, I wish I had time to look at all of these pages! ┬*I wish that I had
time right now to look at Noah's campaign plotline, his NPC's used in his
campaign, and his adventure that he has written up and put on his page,
called Dreams! ┬*He even has a list and description of some PC's that he has
played in his gaming career in the past! ┬*When I first received his email
asking for me to put his page on my list, I had a lot of trouble trying to
get to his page, since the URL wouldn't work. ┬*Let me tell you, that little
backslash at the end makes all the difference in the world! But now his
page is here to grace the 'net community.

Idavoll's Castle's Birthright Page
hosted by Idavoll
*** A great new page from Lady Idavoll, this links to her Birthright page,
which contains a well done introduction passage to Birthright, a letter
about a revolution in Coeranys, and another goodie! ┬*But that's only her
Birthright page! Take a look at her main page, which is excellent for any

hosted by Finnsson
*** If you're interested in Mieres, whether running it, playing it, or
expanding your Birthright experiences.............I don't need to say click
here, right?

Birthright Page, Adventures in Email
hosted by Jeff Glaser
*** Also a great page for introductory players, since it contains a section
about Birthright and the basic game mechanics. ┬*And for all you "mature"
players, you'll probably be interested in Mr Glaser's list of NPC's from
his campaign.

Birthright Page
hosted by nerf
*** Ah......When I found this page and it's review of Simon Hawke's WAR,
along with his "Awnsheghlien of the Week" and his review for the
uninitiated of Birthright, I thought back on all the other Birthright Pages
that I had found, I sat back in my chair, and dreamed about making the
largest Birthright Link List on the 'net. ┬*Also contains a link to his
Dragonlance: 5th Age Page and a couple of things 'sniped from TSR's site :)

Bleak Cabal's Birthright Campaign Section
hosted by Bleak Cabal
*** I found this page just an hour and a half before I sent this version
out, so it's the last one on the list. ┬*It's pretty good! ┬*Contains
Birthright magical items, guilds of Cerilia, and a few NPC's. ┬*A definite