Trade routes can only be made between provinces of diffrent terrains
or cultures. Since it is difficult to get to another culture, it seems as if
trade between different terrains is the most profitable. However, this type
of trade route is not as profitable as possible due to terrain maximums on
the growth of a province. What I propose is the following:

1. Each province has an aditional maintenence cost of 3 RP and 2 GB
per DT for every level of the province. This cost represents the internal
economy of the province. The natural buying and selling, the amount of food
consumed, etc.

2. Each province is capable of paying this cost for a level of up to
the terrains max province level. The terrain of the province will not
support a population beyond this size naturaly (not enough farmland, natural

3. The additional cost must be paid for by the regent. This
represents importing food, clothing and other neccesities.

4. If the regent does not wish to pay the cost GB then he can allow
any guild in the province to gain the money that he would normally pay.
However, loyalty will go down by a level at the end of the turn (the people
are less than satisfied that the government refuses to provide basic needs).
RP must be paid.

5. If the regent does not pay the RP or the GB then the province is
reduced to the maximum terrain level and loyalty drops two levels (law
holding do not prevent this loss of loyalty). The people starve, bread riots
occur, etc...

6. The maximum level that a province can achieve is 10.

-Joao Medeiros