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Is it possible to get additional war card boxes, like the one in
>the main BR boxed set?

Don't count on it. TSR is supposed to stop Birthright production this year
on Birthright, and no war card boxes are scheduled. >>

This is incorrect. Birthright will still be produced next year; in fact, Ted
Stark and I are both in the middle of designing products scheduled for
release in 1998. Next year will see, among other things, an adventure of epic
proportions and the unveiling of the Shadow World.

It is true, however, that this is a critical year for Birthright and that the
new management at Wizards will be watching BR sales figures very closely to
determine its future. The worst thing you can do is start tolling BR's death
knell early, because it will scare people away from buying it. The *best*
thing you can do (and I hope all of you will) is to not only purchase BR
products yourself, but to talk up BR to every player and retailer you know,
at every opportunity you have, so that more people will discover what a great
game it is. A grassroots movement can really make a difference.

On the issue of war card boxes, I'm afraid extras aren't available :(

A couple weeks ago, someone asked about the 2 different books in *Tribes of
the Heartless Wastes*. The 16-page book is a player's guide of information an
average Vos character would know; the 80-page book is the DM's guide, chock
full of secrets and surprises. Due to the wild, brutal, mysterious nature of
Vosgaard, we thought a different approach was in order for that region's
campaign expansion.

Another individual asked whether any TSR folks were still subscribed to this
list because we haven't posted in a while. Please understand that between
planning for Gen Con and moving TSR headquarters to Seattle, this summer has
been very hectic. Both our professional and personal lives have been hit with
a lot of changes in a short period of time and it will be a little while
before things settle down to some state approaching "normal." But even though
we haven't had time to post much, we *are* out here, and we *are* listening.
In fact, some days it's this mailing list's enthusiasm about BR that gives us
a much-needed boost of energy :)

So keep those great discussions going. What you say really does make a
difference to us!

Carrie Bebris