>Action: Raid Province
>Success: Special
>Type: Domain
>Base Cost: 1 GB
> A regent can command forces to raid a single neighboring province or,
>provided he/she has ships, a seaside province. The pillaging will
>result in the seizure of goods worth the equivalent of moderate taxation
>of a province equal to the number of raiding units involved but not more
>than the raided province itself. The GBs seized will be deducted from
>the victim's treasury, and the province will lose one loyalty level.
>The raider can not occupy the province but must retreat after the raid.
>Neither does this raiding result in a loss to the province level as in
>pillaging an occupied province. The raider can choose to attack a
>holding in the province instead of pillaging. This plays out as a
>Contest Holding action, with the raiding units acting as the raider's
>holding. If the victim has any units in the province a battle will
>occur. However, neither side can bring in reinforcements or move units
>out of the province. The battle occurs before any raiding, thus if the
>raider loses he gains nothing and loses much.

I like it. It tends to explain why Rjuvik doesn't get itself into full scale
wars all the time.Perhaps this action can be used once per turn to disrupt a
trade route. How much money is seized though?

-Joao Medeiros