tbeutler@sprynet.com wrote:

> Also, with sea raids, doesn't it defeat the purpose of having
> sea raiders (irregulars from ships --the Rjurik ...) declare war to
> raid a "shore" province? The raid should be a lightning attack,
> possibly limited to pillaging at moderate (to signify the haste with
> which they conduct the raid). This may be a more realistic approach
> to
> such actions. It places regents in fear of protecting their shores
> from the fleets of raiders and expands the sea dimension of the game.

How does the following work?

Action: Raid Province
Success: Special
Type: Domain
Base Cost: 1 GB
A regent can command forces to raid a single neighboring province or,
provided he/she has ships, a seaside province. The pillaging will
result in the seizure of goods worth the equivalent of moderate taxation
of a province equal to the number of raiding units involved but not more
than the raided province itself. The GBs seized will be deducted from
the victim's treasury, and the province will lose one loyalty level.
The raider can not occupy the province but must retreat after the raid.
Neither does this raiding result in a loss to the province level as in
pillaging an occupied province. The raider can choose to attack a
holding in the province instead of pillaging. This plays out as a
Contest Holding action, with the raiding units acting as the raider's
holding. If the victim has any units in the province a battle will
occur. However, neither side can bring in reinforcements or move units
out of the province. The battle occurs before any raiding, thus if the
raider loses he gains nothing and loses much.