> You are correct there. However, the issue is caused by some
> passages in the Blood Enemies sourcebook which indicate that elves (in
> the past, before Deismaar) seemed to have the ability to use ley lines
> and sources (this before there were any bloodlines). However the
> rulebook states that a bloodline in necessary to use realm magic (ie.
> ley lines and sources). These two entries seem to be inconsistent.
> Can elves use ley lines without a bloodline??

Two things.. First off, where is the refrence (page number) that you
spoke of in Blood Enemys. In the Book of Magecraft, it speaks of
some ancient ley lines that existed before Deismaar that were the
leylines of the gods, and that the elves used to use. These lines
belonged to the land, and have ALWAYS been there. It says that
through these leylines, anyone lucky enough to find them can cast
realm spells.. These are like the Caerbhaighlien (the sources that
no-body can control) in that they are there, but noone can 'control'

They would allow unblooded elves to use realm magic. Afterall, all
that is required to cast realm spells is a source holding-- these
ley lines would give you access, though not control, of such a ley
line. I dont believe these are reliable, though, like the
Caerbhaighlein, they show up at times when you stumble upon them and
elude any attempts to find them again.

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