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    I have looked in the downloads and the most recent version of the posted rules is from February of last year! There has been ongoing revision since then but it is not available where I can find it. Where is the complete "latest and greatest"?

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    Check out the threads for discussion of this same topic:

    Parts are out for discussion though.

    Here is the link to the thread on Chap2 revision:

    Info on the proposed revision to the races is contained within this thread:

    There are numerous reasons for the revision not being issued yet.

    One is 3.5. It was 'decided' to upgrade to the 3.5 changes during this revision.

    Another is the Atlas project.
    It was also decided to put emphasis on completing a first shot at the first portion of the Atlas, so that people have an idea of what to expect and something akin to Ruins of the Empire to work with when gaming.

    links to discussion on that topic:

    As far as what is the BRCS trying to accomplish - here is a couple of links to past discussions that may shed some light on this.

    Links to threads on ‘the plan’ and design philosophy:
    The Plan:

    BRD20 Design Philosophy:

    The biggest reason has been an inconsistent labor force for the project. Most got burned out during the 2 year writing period and early on in the public discussion. I am the last active survivor of the 'active' group when the BRCS was issued last February. Considering that only Doom and I were active then (and he did most of the putting together of pieces, being a much more prolific writer than I) a 50% survival rate wasn't too bad.

    Elton Robb has just recently resurfaced and he was the one that pushed to assemble the original team.

    Ian (Raesene Andu) deferred from the rules portion instead devoting himself to working on the Atlas side and has been working fevorishly to get that group's efforts together (note that the 'inactive rate' on that group is about the same as that from the BRCS) and then will spearhead getting the BRCS revision completed.

    Hope that helps
    Duane Eggert

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